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Love everything ! Also would love to know where to purchase the Cactus art. And the Lexington womb is only shown in grey, is yours custom ?

Molly's Coloring Book Modern Apartment House Tour
2/16/13 12:39 AM

I (ike) am not a contestant. Tina is. I wrote the comment without her knowledge, and she is now quite upset with me. She believes that negative comments should be kept to oneself. I apologize to her as I write this, but what I said is how I feel.

Kellie's "Bright & Beachy" Room Room for Color Contest
10/27/12 01:42 AM

This is now the number one room in a "room for color" contest. Really? The room looks like something out of a Macy's catalog. Nothing wrong with that, of course. But compare the "imagination" that, for instance, Rohde's room (which held the lead for a long time) connoted with this room. Ole Kellie must have a whole lotta friends. Kinda exemplifies the difference between democracy and meritocracy. (This in no way should be interpreted as a comment re political philosopy, where democracy, pace Plato, is really the best we can ever hope to do). Other skeptics may wish to note that Its been "liked" 6 times, "tweeted" 4 times and "pinned" 50 times. Compare these numbers with the other entries in, say, the top six.

Kellie's "Bright & Beachy" Room Room for Color Contest
10/26/12 10:13 PM

First, thank you for your comments. Now to answer questions. The TV works although it isn't hooked up to cable so it only gets one channel that tends to roll:) The phone works and is usually kept by the TV. It has a long cord so you can carry it around while using. All young visitors love to dial out on it! The typewriter is a 1950 Olivetti that we use for leaving notes, thoughts etc...The Fridge is a long coveted purchase from Bigchill.com.The stove is a temp hence the gap between the counter.The fruit holder thingy is from Chilewich.com.Thanks again!

Tina's "Morning Pick Me Up" Kitchen Room for Color Contest
10/23/12 06:02 PM

I also love everything about this room. The FIREPLACE!!! the WALLPAPER!! The light fixture above the table ,is it vintage? And I love that the camera's flashes pull in more of the aqua blue.Would love AT to do a full house tour! By the way I'm also entered in this contest but you got my vote:)

Janelle's "Tropics" Room Room for Color Contest
10/13/12 12:09 PM

I live in California. Where can I purchase this mattress on the west coast?

Review: The Biltmore Bed by Charles P. Rogers
A Year in Bed

9/1/11 02:30 PM

Where did you get the door knob hangers?
Would love to see a close up of the bunny lint art!
Nice lovely home.

AJ & Alex's Eclectic Shabby Chic Queens Apartment
House Tour

4/7/11 12:51 PM

I would love to know where you got the window covering thats photographed in the dining nook?
Great kitty pillow too!

Josh & Emily's Project-Friendly Apartment
House Tour

8/10/10 01:34 PM

we have a corner sink like Anna at D16, but ours is a two hole faucet (there is no middle hole in the sink) with a 6.5 inch span between the spigots. The Faucets are in bad shape and need to be replaced, preferably with faucets with a bridge mixer but all we can find is 4 , 8 or 12 inch spans on the Vintage tub site. Does anyone have any idea?

Old is the New Sink Roundup | Apartment Therapy New York
2/21/10 07:59 PM