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Thank you, gang! So appreciative of your comments!!!
Jason Oliver (aka "Jason" of Jason and John)

Jason John's Hyper Saturated Home, Part 2 House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
2/22/10 06:28 PM

John and I are thrilled with the feedback... Wow! We are over the moon. Hmm, let's see if I can address a few comments:

-We painted our parquet floor because it was ruined when our contractors forgot to cover a hole in the ceiling when it rained (and we were out of town). We had to patch the original parquet and paint it because the patches stood out like sore thumbs.

-The ceiling in the guest bedroom really isn't claustrophobic, it opens the room--even though the vine pattern can be a little Audrey-ish from Little Shop of Horrors (perhaps a scare technique to make sure my parents only shack up every now and then).

-The house really is very soothing and doesn't come across as too busy in person (I swear). It really does engage the eye, though. I'll be curious what you all think in Part II (thank you, Jill!).

-We LOVE Lefferts Gardens, a terrific, very neighborly place perfectly situated by Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

I have been traveling, so more anon.
Jason Oliver

Jason John's Hyper Saturated Home, Part 1 House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
2/21/10 07:07 PM