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I've done this, but after a couple weeks mine always get slimy. I may have to try Monstertruck's potting method.

Re-Growing Green Onions: Grow Your Scallions Back on Your Windowsill
2/2/12 03:02 PM

+1 for clean as I go. I get really annoyed when other people in the house leave dirty dishes in the sink (and we have a dishwasher!) because it makes it even more of a pain to clean as you go along and I don't really like doing dishes before and after dinner.

Clean Up! Do You Clean As You Go?
1/26/12 10:13 AM

Thanks so much for the tip. I found some for $1.99/pound compared to the prepackaged store brand that was on sale for $2.50/pound. And no styrofoam so it made me feel greener!

Smart Shopping: Find Cheaper Chicken at the Meat Counter
11/8/11 05:57 PM

I use Springpad as well. I tried Evernote, but Springpad actually has features specific for recipes rather than just categorizing them as generic notes.

Best Way to Organize Recipes from Many Sources?
Good Questions

10/21/11 09:58 PM

@ReTradition: I'm guessing that's the mousepad as a trivet.

10 Ways to Use Office Supplies Outside the Office
10/6/11 04:40 PM

Whoops, this is the link I meant to post: http://blog.springpadit.com/2010/08/springpad-is-the-ultimate-recipe-app/

Simplify Your Kitchen: Managing Recipe Clutter Digitally
The Wall Street Journal

7/24/11 11:03 PM

I recently found Springpad and love it. It even lets you create a shopping list pulling ingredients from multiple recipes--perfect for dinner parties!


Simplify Your Kitchen: Managing Recipe Clutter Digitally
The Wall Street Journal

7/24/11 11:02 PM

I love the cabinets. Where did you find them?

Jerilynn's Under-$5000 Totally Renovated Kitchen
7/8/11 04:24 PM

Bakerella originally posted the oreo truffles if anyone wants the recipe and instructions: http://www.bakerella.com/super-bowl-funday/

Super Bowl Sweets Inspiration
2/4/11 03:22 PM

I love the new calphalon slide non stick pans (the ones Michael Simon advertises). They're heavier and they can go in the dishwasher!! (The instructions do say to season the first time.)

No Nonsense: How to Avoid Ruining Your Nonstick Pans
The New York Times

1/20/11 11:50 AM