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Not sure how much pranking goes on in your group of friends, but working off the popular theory that Zombie-ism is the result of a viraal infection, you could make a batch of for example, cookies or something, and make one of them super sour/bitter/not-quite-right and you've got your first victim of the zombie-pocolypse.
Maybe if you get a sour one you have to do a horror-themed shot or get tp'ed.

Help Me Plan a Zombie Birthday Brunch!
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10/19/10 08:56 PM

Make your own Vanilla Bean ice cream and mix the crumbles through during the freezing process - instant cupcakes and cream icea cream!

How Can I Put Smashed Cupcakes to Good Use? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/26/10 08:31 PM

@Geckomayhem - apart from all the ethical reasons (cheapest carton usually also means Cage Hens), there is definitely a difference to an egg based on what the hen is eating/how they live.

We have chickens (almost 60, all different breeds) and our brown eggs are more mellow in flavour than our white eggs, our pink eggs are very sharp and "eggy" in flavour, and our blue eggs are slightly sweet with a gentle nutty flavour. This is solely because the different breeds are fed different grains/greens based on what is best for that breed to digest, and because they each have their own pens and so slightly different environments. As little a difference as the amount of sun a hen gets can alter their laying habits.

It's not scientific but it's true - a happy chicken lays a better tasting egg than an unhappy one. :)

What's the Difference? White, Brown, and Blue Eggs | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/11/10 08:52 PM

There would be some compaction, but you'd actually find the chickens would aerate the top soil with their scratching, not to mention the trenches they can dig for their dust baths.

We own upwards of 60 chickens (all pets, all named) kept in our old horse stables, and the trees and grass in their little "play" area is still going strong. The biggest issue you'd find is you'd need to essentially muck out their coop, much like you would a horse stable, to ensure their droppings and food scraps don't build up and become like a capret - that WOULD suffocate the soil and eventually the tree.

Look! Chicken Coop Around a Tree | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
4/8/10 09:40 PM

I'm trying to decide if this is real wood or veneer. I have a veneer one I'm wanting to fix up for my partners birthday gift (minus the cow hide, though I am planning high glosses electric orange on the inside and white on the outside...) Could the same proccess be applied to a veneer cabinet?

How To Deck Out an Old Record Cabinet Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/26/10 12:42 AM