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I just have a sturdy rack and a huge elastic on my bike, to tie down whatever I need to move. Useful when transporting things in plastic bags, cloth bags, rucksacks, as well as small items of furniture.
Many panniers are a little on the small side for what I sometimes transport, and I would probably end up needing them when I didn't bring them along.

What Are the Best Bike Bags for Groceries? Reader Intelligence Request
10/22/13 03:03 PM

We have a large window over the sink, but the roof overhangs the house with 2-3 meters outside, so in the winter very little natural light penetrates (and since it gets dark around 16:00, we don't see it at all during the week:-)
We just bought this beautiful lamp to replace the fluorescent monstrosity which was there when we bought the house:

What Light Sources Do You Have In Your Kitchen?
1/7/12 04:55 PM

An empanada with a pulled pork, tomato and spinach filling + carrots.

What Did You Eat for Lunch Today?
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8/25/11 03:16 PM

Pizza dough is great for pigs in a blanket. We use the same recipe for pizza, calzones and sausage rolls. It has to be a very elastic dough though.

Beyond Pizza! Five Other Ways to Use Pizza Dough
8/11/11 12:19 PM

@laflygirl - I think Miele produces some of the best quality appliances around. We have a Miele washer and refrigerator, and when the oven and the dishwasher goes, we'll get them replaced with Miele as well.

Help, My Kitchen Is Possessed! When Appliances Act Crazy
5/27/11 03:33 PM

Vegetable side dishes from cheap and ubiquitous vegetables.
Matching up main dishes (meat) with starters, side dishes and deserts.
How to combine dishes to cover as much as possible of the recommended daily intake of vegetables and fruits (meat and dairy products no problem:-)

It's Dinner Week at The Kitchn!
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4/18/11 05:03 PM

Peel and slice an appropriate number of apples, mix with cinnamon sugar, make your favorite yellow cake dough, mix marzipan and eggs in the proportions 100 - 150 gram marzipan pr. egg - the mixture shouldn't be too moist.
Put the dough in a pan - which size depends on how big a batch you've made, the dough should only fill ~2-3 cm.
place the apples in the dough - make a nice pattern, or try to fit in as many as possible.
spread the marzipan mix all over. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degree celcius for app. 45 minutes, or to a toothpick comes out clean. The marzipan may cheat a bit, as it tends to stick even when the cake is done.

What Can I Do With a Large Box of Turkish Marzipan?
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2/24/11 04:06 PM

Homemade artisan bread, toasted with butter and ham. Apple juice and coffee

What Did You Eat For Breakfast Today? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/5/10 12:47 PM

Could you add milk chocolate to the biscuits to make them more breakfast-like?

How To Make Cream Biscuits In Less Than 15 Minutes Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/19/10 04:48 PM