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Because co2 is stored in tiny co2 bulbs at pressures ranging from 850PSI to over 1500PSI, it was only a matter of time before the plastic bottles started failing. A child or unsuspecting adult might wonder "Hey! What would hot chocolate taste like carbonated?" Since the "fizzy" gas pressure rises in direct proportion to its temperature, trying that experiment would be a bad decision.

A safer and more reasonable alternative is to control the pressure of the gas BEFORE it goes into the container. Rather than dumping the unbridled contents of a co2 bulb into a plastic bottle, using a pressure regulator to ensure that pressure introduced into the bottle is never more that the safe limit for which the bottles are designed a better idea and sound engineering practice. Since pressure regulators are expensive, ISI apparently chose not to use them. And now their bottles are exploding. Go figure!

The Fizz Giz sold on Amazon dot com has a built-in internal pressure regulator that will not dispense co2 at a pressure high enough to pop common PET soda bottles. For right around thirty-bucks, the Fizz Giz is an affordable and safe alternative to ISI's Twist 'n Sparkle and to SodaStream's line of carbonators - neither of which have pressure regulators controlling the pressure of the gas BEFORE going into the bottle. Only Fizz Giz offers you that safety feature.

Product Recall: iSi Twist'n Sparkle
5/20/12 08:44 PM

Well, I’m still working on my savings toward a $250 Penguin unit. In the meanwhile, I use a $30 Fizz Giz. The small hand held portable Fizz Giz soda maker and their special Fizz Giz caps lets consumers make their own delicious carbonated drinks in the same bottles you buy soft drinks in now – so the bottles are free.

You can buy name brand soda syrups of your choosing just by dropping in at beverage distribution warehouses. Yep, Sunkist Orange, Coca Cola Classic, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, A&W Root Beer, Mtn Dew – all of them are available. You can even buy them at places like Sam’s Club. Your 12oz home made name brand drinks will cost you about 19-cents each. That’s not much more than a buck-a-six-pak. Compare that to $3.50 in grocery stores. If you like that, it means you’re in to saving money. So why spend $250 on a carbonator when you can get one for $30 that does the same thing and doesn’t take up counter space?

Penguin Soda Maker by SodaStream
Apartment Therapy Test Lab

9/11/10 09:01 PM

Is this something you carbonate?

Kitchen Caravan's Rose Mint Soda
Recipe Review

8/19/10 09:36 PM

I must agree with Faith on the price. Soda makers are available for under $50. Fizz Giz makes one that's only $30. There are dozens of mfrs worldwide. Google some more - don't stop at the first page of hits.

Product Review: SodaStream Seltzer Water Maker
8/19/10 07:20 PM

You may find your needs satisfied by an inexpensive handheld soda maker, available at FizzGiz.com. Watch YouTube video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmrO_m5l3hU

Fits in a lunchbox or purse. co2 refill cartridges found everywhere - not from just a single source. Carbonate your own natural juice products. Some companies void their warranty if you use their equipment to carbonate juices.

DIY Seltzer Water
8/16/10 09:39 PM

Can you recarbonate flat sodas? Milk? Make New York egg creams? If so, can you easily clean the dip tube through which the co2 flows into your beverage? Would your SodaStream warranty cover such misuse? Click the link and C 4 yourself.

Making your own? I suggest you try putting pure cane sugar straight from the bag into freshly carbonated water and watch what happens. Stand back.

Penguin Soda Maker by SodaStream Apartment Therapy Test Lab | Apartment Therapy New York
4/19/10 05:35 PM

An inexpensive handheld alternative is available at FizzGiz.com. You can check out this YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmrO_m5l3hU

It fits in my son's lunchbox. Pretty handy, actually. And you can get your co2 refill cartridges anywhere - not from just a single source. PLUS, you can carbonate your own natural juices. SodaStream warranty is invalidated if you use their equipment to carbonate juices. That's a drawback.

Penguin Soda Maker In The Test Lab | Apartment Therapy New York
2/19/10 12:20 PM