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I question the longevity of that leg joint. Because it's at an angle, the leg is loaded in bending. That's good in that the static load takes up the slack inherent in that slot joint, but I can see this thing opening up and getting very wobbly in time.

And please don't use Chinese (or Russian) birch ply. Saving $10 on a 5x5 sheet isn't worth clearcutting all of northern China and Siberia, which is what they are doing.

Apartment Therapy New York | Re/Assemble Dining Table by Amy Kircher Alejandro Iriarte Design Showcase 2009
9/2/09 03:45 PM

Apparently most AT readers, just like economists, know the price of everything, and the value of nothing.

Apartment Therapy New York | Brix Console by Julie Morringello Design Showcase 2009
9/2/09 03:39 PM

This product is not made in the US.

Apartment Therapy New York | Blu Dot's Desk 51
9/23/08 07:05 AM

The best looking one I've seen is also the cheapest, the Moddi Ikea hack, approximately $200:

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Horizontal Opening Murphy Beds
2/28/08 11:42 AM

Greenwashing. It costs about $1 to plant ten trees. These cribs are made in Vietnam using regularly harvested wood, standard finishes etc.

Apartment Therapy - Green Ideas: Baby Appleseed Cribs
11/2/07 03:53 PM

Fake marble? Why? Might as well print woodgrain on it, or country ducks.

Carrara Bong Table by Cappellini
8/9/07 12:13 PM

Local cabinet maker?

Good Questions: Where Can I Find a Replica of this Desiron Bookshelf?
7/9/07 06:45 AM

Aren't paint questions for gigantic suburban houses a little outside the scope of Apartment Therapy? Maybe you need an AT:Exurbs version.

Good Questions: How To Paint This High Ceilinged Room?
7/3/07 07:54 AM

I used some of this on a kid's kitchen set- it looked pretty convincing for about an hour, then the adhesive started delaminating. Please do not use this on a real kitchen.

Good Questions: Would You Recommend Stainless Steel Adhesive Film?
6/29/07 06:58 AM

How about rotating out the collection and displaying a subset just like in a museum- in glass fronted shadow boxes with little placards describing each one ("Yoda Figurine, Polyvinyl Chloride, Kenner, 1986") mounted on the wall next to it. I actually think that could be pretty cool, but it only works if you can edit the collection that's on display at any one time. Maybe you can compromise and he gets 10-25 pieces, rotated every three months or so. If you have a good sized wall you could do a 5 x 5 grid and light it with some cool museum style track lighting. And if he wants to keep you around, he needs to be willing to compromise a bit too.

Good Questions: How To Display This Star Wars Collection (and keep the boyfriend)?
6/27/07 08:24 AM

Did you see the end of Fight Club?

Good Questions: Can I Save My View?
6/14/07 06:35 AM

Fairly irrelevant since this is a rental, but that fireplace would have had a (probably gorgeous) wood mantle surround originally. That was ripped out for whatever reason, and the plaster chipped off above it, leaving this brick. It was never meant to be exposed. The mortar work was done roughly because they knew it would be plastered, and the act of taking off the plaster removes the glaze from the brick, leaving it porous (which someone has tried to remedy here with shellac or something). Since it's not yours, it's not worth trying to locate a salvaged mantle and properly repair the damage that's been done. Paint it. And always remember: it's better to ask forgiveness than permission.

Good Questions: Help Us Paint Our Exposed Brick?
5/23/07 01:52 PM

So, are you supposed to compost the contents as well? Because biodegradable trash bags won't biodegrade any time soon in a landfill- no water, no oxygen. I'm not really getting the point.

Compostable Trash Bags by Trellis Earth Products
5/17/07 12:52 PM

Anyone who would pay a thousand dollars for a veneer table that size deserves to be ripped off. They don't say what the substrate is, but it is most likely MDF. So how is this worth ten times more than the $99 IKEA would charge for an identical item? Any custom shop in the country will make this for you in superior quality out of whatever solid wood you want for well under that price, and you'll be supporting the local economy.

Marcel Side Table
5/10/07 06:57 PM

Dwell was a good magazine for about, oh, a year. Now they have "experts" reviewing digital cameras for god's sake. Which is about as useful and welcome as architectural criticism from Popular Photography.

A Worthy Read: Styling Dwell
4/13/07 01:34 PM

I've had the Visonic system for a few years. It's great. In fact, I just bought another one for our new place. You can also set it up to call your cellphone in the event of an alarm if you don't want to pay for monitoring. It even lets you listen in so you can hear what's going on in there. In the unlikely event that someone tried jamming it, it can be setup to throw an alarm if the sensors go offline. The one I just bought includes a GSM cellphone transmitter, so I don't have to plug it into the phone system (and therefore cutting the phone lines before a break-in won't work).

Wireless Home Security
4/5/07 07:24 AM