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That's why I have a pair of scissors in every room. Literally.

I also keep a small bottle of dish soap in the upstairs bath so I can wash drinking glasses there, instead of (rather infrequently) hauling them downstairs to the kitchen.

Smart Organizing: Keep Things Where You'll Use Them
5/28/13 02:21 PM

You're getting such a wide range of suggestions here, none of which account for the flow of other rooms in your home. A color consultant could lead you to the perfect solution. See if there's one in your area… his/her fee is worth it when you consider how much you could hate the wrong color and how much you might spend (time and money) repainting.

New, Fearless Colors to Complement a Blue Couch? Good Questions
9/7/12 03:25 PM

Reupholstery will cost the same as new BUT you will have a higher-quality piece in the end. This looks like a 60s Kroehler sofa. They're built much differently than new sofas. Most have solid wood frames and hand-tied springs. A new sofa would likely have a partial-wood frame and inferior springs that can sag quickly. Plus, you just can't get those lines without going to a very high price point.

I recently reupholstered a Kroehler sofa, similar lines with those wide angled arms (so comfy!). I chose $40/yard fabric and the whole job cost around $1,750. Sofa cost me $350. Before and after pics on my blog. If you're ready for a lifetime sofa, go for it! I would probably skip the track design on back for lasting power and money savings, though.

Take or Leave This Craigslist Find? Good Questions
5/14/12 12:25 PM

It needs texture. I'd put reeded glass inserts in some of the upper cabinets. Or fill the recessed area with something like ribbed aluminum or grasscloth. Install a bamboo Roman shade. Paint walls a single color and the ceiling a warmer white. Swap can lights for more interesting flush fixtures. Hang a big, interesting object over the island instead of a pot rack.

How To Spruce Up Bland Kitchen?
Good Questions

5/19/11 01:21 PM

Nice update! I'm curious, too, about the straps. What are they made from and where did you find them?

Before & After: A Modernized Luggage Rack
4/12/11 09:18 AM

I brought in a pair of fallen logs a few years ago and propped them in the corner after drying them all winter in the garage. They looked cool. A day or two later I noticed fine "shavings" on the floor and realized something was in there eating away at them. And once it finished the trees I assumed it would move on to my woodwork, so out they went!

Bringing The Outdoors In: Birch Tree Decor
4/7/11 01:32 PM

I like the modern elements and the art! Wish this included an exterior photo.

Aiden & Charlie’s Artistic Modern Farmhouse
House Tour

3/28/11 02:29 PM

@DeborahMcP: You're so right. Having a separated mudroom is my key to keeping the whole house clean and organized. It's a luxury, I know, but if you can find a way to eek one out it's well worth it. Everything stops there: dirt, snow, mail, purse, stuff that needs fixing/cleaning/donating. If it's a mess I just shut the door until I have time to straighten it. Too many houses put an emphasis on openness and space for space's sake, and not enough on function.

Your Best Organizing Secret Weapon?
1/24/11 10:57 AM

Wow, you did an amazing job with that exterior! Might be nice to add some chunkier bungalow columns on the porch someday. First photo reminds me of the book Modern Rustic.

Tara & Ryan's Swedish-Industrial-Ruralist Weekend Home
House Call

1/19/11 09:39 AM

I love dressers as alternatives to shelving, cabinets, or—especially—office furniture! I just blogged about my recent CL quest for the perfect office dresser. Ended up with a mic-C piece but I would have gladly gone for an antique had I been able to find an affordable one. Seems the look is definitely trending toward natural wood again. Note to self: Buy stock in paint stripper.

Aged Gracefully: Antique Dressers for Any Room (and Any Decor)
1/19/11 09:28 AM

My instant pick: Sherwin-Williams Ponder, a light gray with plum undertones. Keep it subtle and sophisticated in this space.

Colors to Balance Very Dark Hard Wood Floors?
Good Questions

1/12/11 03:25 PM

Crisp, classic, and warm! I love it.

Before & After: Amy & Chad's Kitchen Update on a Budget
1/10/11 11:55 AM

Beautiful and appropriate update for a fabulous house! Nice work!

Hunter & Casie's "Redneck Modern" Eichler Home
House Tour

11/16/10 05:20 PM

The red works with both. Make it an intentional accent throughout the room. Remove the silvery skirt with the damask set.

Design Dilemma: Picking Curtains After Merging Households
11/12/10 06:28 PM

Can you turn the sofa 90 degrees so its back is facing the dining table? Then move the whole arrangement more toward the middle of the room. Hard to tell from one photo if there's enough space to do this. And yes, a rug would help.

How Can I Visually Separate the Dining Area?
Good Questions

11/12/10 06:23 PM

Fabulous result for that kind of money! Very inspiring and well done.

Before & After: Melissa's Under $500 Kitchen Makeover
Good Questions Revisited

11/10/10 06:37 PM

I've had the Lassie Groom & Vac for about 10 years. Same concept but I think I paid $12 for it. Works great!

Dyson Wants To Vacuum Your Pets
11/5/10 08:46 PM

Oh, how I love a well designed, masculine-looking home! This is superb.

Anthony & Gregory's 1912 Contemporary Craftsman
House Tour

10/27/10 01:36 PM

The lines are clean, so a modern update is easy. I would paint it, replace the hardware with something sleek, and top it with fabric and a custom-cut sheet of tempered glass. Add casters to make it more versatile if your space is large.

How Can I Modernize This Hand-Me-Down Coffee Table?
Good Question

10/25/10 03:02 PM

"Thrift stores, estate sales and local classifieds are just a few places where these items can be found for a lot less."

Optimism is a virtue.

A Scandinavian Inspired Room
Style Collage

10/25/10 02:29 PM