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Soft scrub.....

Keeping laminate Ikea surfaces clean
Good Questions

5/26/11 12:59 PM

the crib came from abc baby furniture in Valencia. they have the best prices!

Mid Century Miles
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #18

5/26/11 12:58 PM

the rocker came from!

Mid Century Miles
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #18

5/26/11 12:55 PM

Thank you!
The poster of the feet is for the Neil Simon play "The Odd Couple" it was drawn by Cuban born artist Edel Rodriguez!
His website is

Mid Century Miles
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #18

5/13/11 12:59 PM

Steve your place looks rad.

Only question where r all your hats???

xo-Nadia Barker

Steven Arroyo's Think Tank
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11/12/10 01:17 PM

Thanks for posting my chair and drum table!

Yellow Knoll Pollock Chair - $200
Los Angeles Scavenger

11/5/10 03:13 PM

I would say without measurements or a side view shot of the piece to see how its attached , $300-400. I have an awesome guy out in noho I use on all my projects ,he does really great work. The fabric is of course extra but its less then 5 yards so maybe you find some cool marine grade vinyl or dead lot fabric downtown to keep the costs down.

Upholstering a Vintage Mod Chair?
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11/4/10 09:59 AM

We had repeated invasions of ants at our new home the last 2 months. We tried spraying and cleaning it all up naturally, at first and then chemically secondly, to no avail. After the last attack, hello cat food, finally we booked the Western Exterminator man, best 100 bucks you can spend.....its not something you can do yourself......

Look: My Toilet Paper Has Been Invaded!
10/5/10 04:32 PM

Put eye hooks thru the sides and hang the boards on the wall.

50 Kitchen Ideas from Ina Garten
House Beautiful

9/24/10 02:15 PM

I have a family heirloom like this that i just had restored.
A monster 4' x 9' piece. Perfect for the huge art books, over scale lamp, an the odd art installation.
It was always tricky to get in and out of apartments because unlike most euro versions the bottom stretcher cannot be removed...
I used it as a desk.....with a very modern chair...

Furniture As Religious Experience: Refectory Tables

9/24/10 02:09 PM

Whats the info on the Lacoste set???

Best Bedding In A Bag
8/19/10 12:01 PM

Its very "500 Days of Summer"....

211 Elizabeth Street by Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors | Apartment Therapy New York
4/1/10 01:39 PM

You could also et more of that chain at the hardware store and make bigger loops for the shower curtain then you will have the length you want....

Bathroom Revamp Using A Stencil Mini Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/26/10 12:43 PM

You can remove the screws from the upper cabinets and store them. Keep the lower cabinets, just create more space! Go to a restaurant supply store and get deep long stainless steel shelving in 8' widths.

Start 14" down from the ceiling with the first shelf and do 4 rows so you get a very modern looking kitchen. The beauty of these shelves is the support placement is very flexible and can be placed on the studs, even if the placement is random, so that you have alot of support for heavy items. (When you move the shelving can be removed and reused in your garage or office area!)

For the floors Ikea has a white click style flooring that is a weekend project to install.

Very modern and clean and affordable. You can take that with you as well when you move and reused it in a another area!

Tips on Rescuing a Rental Kitchen? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
3/5/10 12:42 PM


The lamp is also CB2. The Tab Floor Lamp $129.00
The picture is from their catalog.

High and Low: Acrylic Coffee Table and Console | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/23/10 02:42 PM

I like these:

Convex Safety Mirrors in 36" dia.... For the kids room.....Over your desk....etc...

High and Low: Acrylic Coffee Table and Console | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/23/10 02:38 PM

If you have a Trader Joe's nearby they have Eucalyptus branches or you can order online from

Inspiration: Eucalyptus In the Bathroom | Apartment Therapy Boston
12/16/09 03:35 PM

Just a little FYI.... I found two bolts of that pillow fabric at Diamond Foam and Fabric in LA, they had the green and the rust in stock, at the amazing price of $30 a yard. I remember it was REALLY expensive at the PDC Clarence House back in the day...

Apartment Therapy New York | Inspiration: Temo Callahan's Perfect Irreverence
10/24/08 10:13 AM

Where I live in Los Feliz/Thai Town/Little Armenia it's reached a boiling point. I have seen fights break out over parking. The problem is the home owners who have driveways and garages are trying to keep "apt.renters" from parking on their streets. (Did I mention that my guests have to park 2 or 3 blocks away when they come by for dinner?) There is just not enough parking. Maybe if some of the empty buildings on sunset and hollywood were converted in to below grade parking garages it would ease the problem. It's so odd really, we all pay taxes to maintain these roads so we shoud be allowed to park on them. And don't even get me started on those gated annexed areas between franklin and los feliz.....

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Permit Parking In Your Hood: Yay or Nay?
2/14/08 09:25 AM

I have been going here for years with friends and family, sadly I do miss the old decor of the pre-renovation. I love the main house at the back of the property, Truman Capote used to hide out there in the old days and it has it's own private pool if you like to swim in your birthday suit and a great fireplace. I have always loved that it's a "child free" hotel and now has strawberry cocktails served poolside. I'm surprised that it has managed to stay on the qt for so long.... darn it....I guess I'm going to have to book in advance now....

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! The Horizon Hotel Palm Springs
2/12/08 07:33 AM