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We went with an envirotech ecomemory foam mattress... about 1/3 the price, and no offgassing from it at all. it also hasn't had issues with being hot, but we still are in cool weather. I don't think it will be an issue, though, it feels as though it breathes. It's firm enough and soft enough at the same time. And way cheaper.

Review: TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme w/ Adjustable Base
A Year in Bed

5/9/11 04:36 PM

We had to replace our mattress, and upgraded to a Cal King at the same time. The prices of some mattresses are crazy, and we didn't have a ton of money, so we shopped around a lot looking for the best for what we were going to sink money into. We still ended up dropping a grand on it, but it seems like that's about the best deal for a good mattress. Combining sleep & allergy issues, we went with the envirotech memory foam and got it through sportsmans guide.
we absolutely love it. It's been over 2 months now, and it is super comfortable, not hot or smelly like other foams have talked about, and perfect in the firm/soft range. Also, we are both amazed at how much one person's movements doesn't disturb the others. we can't even feel a 90lb lab jump on the bed!

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5/2/11 01:26 PM

oh, and light is tough, but I also have to be able to see a clock, or I wake up a hundred times wondering if it's time to get up yet. apparently, I can register the clock without fully waking. I just keep it as dim as possible.

How To Get a Really Good Night's Sleep
10 Sleep Tips

3/15/11 10:05 PM

I'm a horrible sleeper, and so am always looking for things that trigger issues.
1. movement in the bed...whenever hubby rolled over or moved, I'd wake up. We just bought an eco-memory foam mattress...upsized from queen to cal king, and it makes a huge difference. the bed doesn't move!
2. temperature...we go to be about 68-70 degrees, but let the house cool overnight, so it's down to about 60 by morning. if it stays warm, I find I have nightmares and wake up.
3. the computer, even if i'm just surfing, has to end at least 2 hours before i go to bed, or I can't fall asleep. TV doesn't do that, nor radio, books, just the computer.
Stress, pets in an open floorplan house (no doors), snoring from the other side of the bed, etc., are unfixable, but at least i've found some things that can be fixed. this has given me some other ideas to think about.

How To Get a Really Good Night's Sleep
10 Sleep Tips

3/15/11 10:03 PM

I have to disagree with the sentiment posted by anonniemuss. I do agree that I dislike the "mister" addition, though. To explain why I think that the marketing is important, I will definately use that aspect as part of my purchasing decisions. We are at the end of our current mattress's lifespan. When I choose my next one, comfort will be primary, but after that, price is critical. In addition, if the mattress and manufaturer uses green technology, that will definately pull me in that direction. better for my health, better for the planet, better for the new paradigm of manufacturing. Lastly, if the company an American owned company, employing American workers for good wages and benefits, supporting American communities, you better believe I'll support them over a large conglomerate that has it's manufacturing overseas!

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1/24/11 02:04 PM

well, i'm disappointed. it seems to me that there was an advantage to later entries. the things that made it into the finals are mostly from later entries, and a lot of really good, clever, intelligent material got squeezed out for stuff like cat hammocks. I mean, really, over the convertible table?

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9/23/10 03:17 PM