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it seems to only be sold in Europe and the far east... i'm out of luck :(

Apartment Therapy New York | Voilá: Modern Expandable Table from Ozzio A Console Transforms to Dinner for 12!
2/24/09 10:49 PM

i say get rid of the coffee table in front of it before getting rid of the sofa. the sofa looks great in the room... for some reason i think the coffee table makes it look old instead of vintage though...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Would You Reupholster this Sofa?
2/24/09 09:35 PM

i dont think i've ever seen an indoor pool in a nyc apt... drooling...

Apartment Therapy New York | Eye-Candy: Marcus Nispel's SoHo Loft
2/24/09 09:21 PM

hi all,
alison here. i think the z-gallerie table looks great but i'm looking for a regular height table instead bar height... i like the idea of getting the c&b spotlight desk and just not assembling that last bar in the back. i really love that desk and can't stop thinking about it! let's just hope it doesn't fall apart when i put my turkey on it during thanksgiving!
thanks for all your help!

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Desk That Also Works For Dining?
10/31/08 05:31 PM

1. Family of Four
2. Tom & Hillary
3. Luca
4. S.S. Waverly

But let's face it, i'd trade my apt. in a sec for any of them. They're all super creative and maximize their space.

Apartment Therapy New York | East Finalists: Fantasy League Thread
5/4/08 10:20 AM

where are those white chairs from in the living room?

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Tech Tour: The SkyHouse
4/28/08 04:54 PM

absolutely beautiful, i love it!

but is the toilet really downstairs and the sink upstairs? so you pee downstairs and have to walk up the stairs to wash your hands?!?! sounds a bit inconvenient... but gorgeous anyway.

Apartment Therapy New York | International #8: Nicolas' Mini Loft
4/23/08 07:09 PM

I agree with Aaron... i was at the chelsea west elm last weekend and i really liked these. Probably going to go with the blue one. It looks great in person, especially under a white couch!

Apartment Therapy New York | Ombre Rug from West Elm
4/18/08 06:25 PM

*drool* i want this space.

Apartment Therapy New York | East #19: Tony and Hilary's 3 in 1 Studio
4/16/08 04:22 PM

this apartment and use of space is absolutely fantastic! it would take me 20 minutes longer in the morning to get ready, walking down and up stairs a few times... but it would be totally worth it! super cool!

Apartment Therapy New York | East #23: The S.S. Waverly
4/16/08 04:14 PM

I love that you took the $1200 you would have spent on one of those cheap-looking fake walls and used it on great wall art and closet space! However I think that all the glass in your bedroom makes it feel a bit cold. Maybe you can add some curtains to warm it up a bit? Also, congrats to being able to fit so many pieces of furniture in such a small area in the living room, without feeling overly (a bit, but not overly) cramped. Great job!

Apartment Therapy New York | East #1: Satya's No Compromises in Convertible Share
3/31/08 07:42 PM

i have a very similar problem (except my one big room is a studio and also includes my bedroom). my question is, is it possible to paint the room two different colors to divide the sace? if so, how would it be possible to make the separation? or does the whole room have to be the same color?

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: How Can We Break Up This Space?
1/7/08 07:10 PM