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Storage: I have one closet in the entire unit, but there was definitely a need for more storage. I have a wardrobe from ikea it has coats and shoes in there and more:

I use under bed storage for out of season clothes. I also have some space above by kitchen cabinets that I use for art supplies random stuff. Cleaning supplies are under the kitchen sink...except the broom is in my closet :-o!

May be put your art supplies is something that isn't see-thru, like wicker baskets or nice cloth ones. Then throw them onto a bookshelf or above some cabinets. That way it looks intentional and you don't have to see all the stuff in it!
The key for me is putting stuff in it's designated place keeping neat.

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2/18/10 08:29 PM

Thanks for the lovely comments!

The paint color is gray. I cannot take credit for it though. The color was on the walls when I moved in. It's a cool gray with a slight blue tone to it. It's not a heavy amount of gray, think around 35 % black. I hope this helps, I tried to describe it without having a swatch!

There is a kitchen and bathroom in the apt, separate from the living space. I'll gladly share, more photos may be on the way.

An image of the penny trunk should be on it's way as well.

The ceiling is ~12 ft high

The lamp by the bed is from ikea
Barometer floor/reading lamp-nickel plated finish

The bed linens are nothing special-all basic. A white bed skirt from ikea and a khaki colored duvet cover, over a down comforter. I went neutral with all the bed linens. Nothing matches, but I think it works because of all the neutral tones.

Ida's Sugar Hill Studio House Call | Apartment Therapy New York
2/13/10 12:15 PM