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Suggestions for Transforming a Dated Light Fixture?
Good Questions

10/16/10 03:52 PM

I LOVE your style. Modern yet funky, my place is trying to be like your place.

Sonja's Silver Lake Home
House Call

10/8/10 11:57 PM

Nothing says culture like a big ass painting.

Art Ideas for Long Blank Wall?
Good Questions

9/18/10 11:45 AM

Did you just open the boxes and install right away? I never had an odor issue.

TrafficMaster Allure Vinyl Flooring
9/14/10 12:38 PM

I'm pretty sure this is illegal. "Found" signs? Bull. He is either stealing them or faking them. Which then would not make them "found".

Road Sign Furniture and Home Accessories by Boris Bally
Art, Craft & Collections

9/14/10 02:23 AM

We bought the Allure Traffic Master in the American Walnut color which we had to special order from our local HD. I've read that you need to air out any flexible pvc products for a couple weeks before use to minimize health risks as well as letting the product acclimate to your environment before instillation. Since I was doing a major renovation on our home myself it aired out for three months before I started installing it. It took a long time as I was doing by myself in the entire house. One continuous floor from kitchen to dining room to living room to bathrooms to bedrooms. I wouldn't say it's difficult, but the cutting around nooks and crannies is a pain. When you have a strait shot with no cutting in square rooms, this stuff installs very quickly. After all, the house looks great and fools everyone that comes to visit. We have to crazy cats and they have not managed to damaged the floors yet. Also, I could not get a hold of a heavy roller, so for a week, my wife and I just walked along every seem as often as we could. I spill a lot of water when doing dishes and have not had any issues. It's been about six months. Hope this helps!

TrafficMaster Allure Vinyl Flooring
9/7/10 11:18 AM

Zac Poser is a douche bag.

Zac Posen, Interior Designer for Hire? | Apartment Therapy New York
2/13/10 03:21 AM

You should go with custom built-ins. As with many carpenters are also out of work during this housing thing, you should be able to get a deal. Also, I love the idea of incorporating the windows into the shelves somehow.

How To Fit Book Storage into Low Ceilinged Area? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/11/10 07:40 PM

Definitely DIY is the way to go when on a budget. Check CraigsList and all local thrift stores for a pieces with potential. Then hit your local hardware store for sand paper, primer, and paint. Remember to sand between primer and paint, as you will get a smoother finish.

Searching for a Modern White Sideboard? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
2/11/10 07:37 PM