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@LoveThisSite maybe they are thinking "I'm curious, what crazy thing will the Johnsons do for their Christmas card this year? How could they possibly top what they did last year?" It's just their family tradition. You think it's weird because you don't know them. Not everyone in our society is shamed into complete conformity.

Your Family Holiday Photos Were Never This Bad
NBC News

12/14/11 04:44 PM

I think the best thing Netflix can do right now is stop scaring users away by changing things. Keep it like it is right now and focus on maintaining streaming arrangements.

Netflix Announces Qwikster Plans Killed (Thank Goodness!)
10/11/11 12:30 PM

Oh, for f's sake. This camel's back is always straining from all of the straw. There' s no way I'm going to pay any more- that may sound like a hollow sentiment, but seriously, I can only just afford it as it is.

if AT&T jacks it up on me next year, when my contract is over I'll switch to a Touch and use a flip phone for calls over the cell. Seriously.

Why Your Texting Fees Are Likely Going to Increase
10/7/11 03:55 PM

Might I remind Unpluggd readers none of these items will be very green if you mail order them and have them shipped by truck and/or plane to your location. Best option if they are not locally available? Whittle some yourself.

Green-Up Your Device Protection
10/6/11 04:08 PM

Ugh, if what Unbeliever says is true, yeah, i'm not going to bother.

There is a world of difference between sites like what Yahoo! Screen seems to aspire to be and Netflix. For one, the only awareness of being on Netflix, when using an appliance, is the icon you choose to use the service. Otherwise it is all content. In start contrast, what seems to be the new model is constant commercial intrusion and a desperate need to brand the experience. I sincerely consumers don't settle for this, because it will be cable TV all over again, just coming over a different pipe.

Yahoo! Screen: A Netflix Replacement?
10/5/11 05:13 PM

I agree with RMF325. I would be too afraid of leaving a wire exposed. And too intimidated to leave a physical project in progress on a table. I'm not fastidious, and spending too much time straightening inhibits my creative process. I need things to play with and eye-catching distractions. I'd feel a lot more home in a place like Mark's Robot Invasion studio.

Harold's Minimal South Loop Studio
DeskTops - The Best of Readers' Desks

9/27/11 04:11 PM

interesting read. i am impressed by Swype, I admit. I'll save this article to think about again when my iPhone contact expires.

as for those who complain this was too long: Ten points with a small amount of elaboration. Seemed just right to me.

10 Reasons I Picked An Android Over The iPhone
9/16/11 06:11 PM

I love it! I've been thinking of building a closet for just such a rack in our house (built in 1930). Your rack is giving me some ideas about how to get to together.

Oh, and as far as the showing tech or not:

-if the item is designed well, absolutely.

-if it it's not, it goes in a cabinet.

-as far as infrastructure, i've done my job if you can't tell by looking there is any.

the exception to the above rules would be my listening room for vinyl- i let it all hang out in there.

The Best of Min & Max: Do You Hide or Showoff Your Tech?
9/16/11 04:50 PM

Yes, more "high end" (this is debatable, especially when the company name is Bose, but oh well) companies are jumping on the iPod dock bandwagon. But none of them can defy the laws of physics and produce a passable stereo image. There are plenty of mod looking speakers out there- they don't have to look like your Dad's stereo. Some nice amps are coming out with docks built in. Even the simplest 3-piece setup would run rings around these things in terms of sonic quality.

Have iPod Docks Completely Replaced the Hi-Fi?
9/14/11 04:43 PM

Having a Kindle has indeed changed my reading habits. I like downloading previews and reading them at my leisure- no more snap judgments which I gravitated toward at the bookstore or library. Also, I've surprised myself by reading a lot more older books- because some of them are free, sure, but more anything I find myself more attracted to their language than most modern fiction writers.

Also, I have to agree with another commenter, large tomes are a lot less intimidating in electronic format. I'm whizzing through The Brothers Karamazov at record speed, whereas the print version always intimidated me. Having a dictionary built in makes it even easier. Can Ulysses be far behind?

Does How You Read Affect What You Read?
9/12/11 12:27 PM

If you're single or a couple who don't really watch it anyway, it's the easiest decision in the world.

Someone should write an alternate article from the point of view of a family with children. Say what you want about the evils of TV viewing for children, there are some days when we just want to find something for all of us to watch when the day has been stressful. It really isn't feasible to gather 'round the Macbook for that sort of evening.

You Should Sell Your TV
9/8/11 12:02 PM

I have a Mac media machine, an Ubuntu file server, a PC for recording large files, and Powerbooks and Ubuntu laptops connecting to these devices and using them, so yeah, I'm fine with mixed OS environments.

This Mac is Really a PC
7/13/11 04:13 PM

These tips don't really make much sense.

You can't always buy components that combine features that don't also compromise quality. So this helps only if you just don't care about performance, or have an infinite amount of money to sift through every possible combo.

Sticking to one color- i wouldn't want the person who advised this to decorate a room. An accent color isn't going to hurt, if it's tasteful.

And seriously, cable advice based on aesthetics? That's a lot of cash that will go right down the drain. Buy fancy connectors if your speakers support banana plugs and roll your own- that way you get a good look without breaking the bank. Plus you can choose colors that blend in more with your walls and/or floors if you want to.

Get the Bold, Audiophile Home Theater Look
6/20/11 06:18 PM

This is crazy talk. If the temp outside reaches 80, it's upwards of 90 in our house thanks to no shade. Sure, it saves money- but you are comparing apples and oranges.

It's like saying you can use the gas pedal in your car for a brake- just stop accelerating and you will eventually stop!

Why You Should Skip the AC and Turn on a Fan
6/17/11 11:36 AM

>Not everyone minds the presence and appearance of audio speakers (we know the gods of fashion are aghast regular folk could think of such a thing, but it's true).

Fixed it for you ;)

A Pair of Statuesque Audio Speakers
6/16/11 04:18 PM

That was the first thing I thought when I first saw the latest Nano- people are going to lose this thing.

My favorite method for not losing the new Nano is hack it into a wristwatch.

How Do I Help My Husband Find His Misplaced iPod Nano?
Good Questions

5/11/11 05:30 PM

Considering I've seen the iPad used by everyone from teachers to internet cafe patrons to database administrators to doctors and nurses, Id say your characterization of iPad users is simply very wrong. I don't see it as a fanboy and geek phenomenon at all. I think Apple marketed it very well and people really saw the potential of tablets thanks to the iPad, and went out and bought what seemed to be the default choice.

What Your Choice In Tablets Says About You
4/18/11 06:30 PM

Another vote for guest account on a dual band router. Devices make this pretty simple nowadays, it's how mine came configured basically (I had to split g from n, but that was it.)

Do You Let Guests in On Your Wifi?
4/14/11 02:46 PM

>Some of us may remember when our fathers used to follow us around with a big bulky camcorder

Some of us remember Dad following us around with a silent 8mm film camera, whippersnapper! I even owned one myself later. When camcorders came out, they were large and the quality of video was awful. Really, it has been in all but the very best of video cameras since, which is why i switched to, and stayed with, still images- the average lay person could for many years afford the same quality equipment that happened to be entry level gear used by many professionals.

Alas, unless one has a couple thousand laying around, this is not the case with digital video. Even the best portables are okay, but nothing special. You have to get into a unit with interchangeable lenses, at minimum, to get professional quality video, from what i've experienced.

The Flip Is Dead: Long Live Video
4/14/11 02:37 PM

I sort use Mail Goggles for this. What is needed, though, is something like Goggles that just asks you to go through a capcha- so there is safety, but minimal hoops to jump through.

Even though the mail goggles math is not that hard, it's sometimes difficult to get it done in 60 seconds, even when sober!

Why is the Most Important Messaging Feature So Rare?
4/6/11 04:37 PM