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Very impressive! I like all of the transformations.

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Before & After: 5 New York Homes by Tina Manis
2/15/11 10:22 AM

My favorite wall display!

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How To Create a Gallery Wall
2/5/11 02:15 PM

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1/18/11 02:28 PM

Clarke & Clarke Fabrics have colorful and modern patterns that are perfect for draperies! See all the great examples of draperies using their fabrics at the link below.
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Style Comeback: Patterned Drapes
1/7/11 01:08 PM

The fabric is similar to Carolina Irving's pattern on hemp. See the article from September on this fabric. If I find the fabric in the photo, I will post the answer!
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Can Anyone Identify this Curtain Fabric?
Good Questions

12/29/10 09:46 AM

Punch up your dorm room with a great mural! See this article I wrote on Dorm Room Style and with examples of great furniture and accessories. A wall mural will add a great theme and lots of color! See the bamboo mural sample in this article.

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What Color Accents For My Dorm Room?
Good Questions

12/10/10 10:03 AM

I love all natural wreaths but particularly love the bay leaf. You can use it the whole year!

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8 All Natural Wreaths
12/7/10 09:14 AM

Below are links to two of our lamps that are very similar in shape and size to yours. Never underestimate how much a great shade can change your lamp. Use these two photos as a guide when shopping for your shade. Since your lamp was free, buy a great shade!

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Ideas for a Modern Lamp Makeover?
Good Questions

11/17/10 10:29 AM

We all have space somewhere in our homes that is not being utilized. Great ideas in these photos especially for a large family that needs more room in a smaller home.

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Attics: Rustic Elegance
11/14/10 04:02 PM

Be careful when ordering mirrors due to they may be larger or smaller than pictured. Measure carefully and do not go by the photo size on the web. See more wonderful mirror choices divided into categories: shaped, rectangular and square and round.

I Need a New Mirror, Mirror On This Wall
10/29/10 10:34 AM

I love the mix of blue and green! Look at this great collection of blue and green fabrics from Duralee and Highland Court! These fabrics came from their blue Opal Book and includes 30 other fabrics.

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Color Combo: Blue & Green
10/27/10 11:26 AM

The red is very dramatic but really love the dining room hanging lantern! You can find this iron lantern at our website The Designer Insider, thanks for showing some of our unique lighting.
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Mike's Fantasy Addition in the Sky
House Tour

10/14/10 11:34 AM

Your brick and roof are brighter facade colors and so I believe you need a strong door color to offset the facade colors. See our new article on using Farrow and Ball paints for your front door. Our strong color solutions would be great for you.

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What Front Door Paint Color Will Really Pop?
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9/22/10 02:33 PM

This beautiful sofa deserves a beautiful fabric! Look at these beautiful fabrics from Celerie Kemble and F. Schumacher! Glimmer would be beautiful and durable, comes in seven colorways.

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Upholstery Suggestions for Craigslist Find Sofa?
Good Questions

8/26/10 08:25 AM

A beautiful old home! I love the unexpected blue for the bath vanity!

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Tom Glass's Relocated & Restored Revolutionary War Gem
Chesapeake Home

8/26/10 08:19 AM

Great looking bookshelves are always an important focal point in a room. One of the best was in a favorite decorating book: Flip! For Decorating by Elizabeth Mayhew. See the link below for great tips on designing a bookcase and her best example.

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Painted Bookshelves
8/25/10 12:39 PM

Just beautiful! There is also a small company that makes gorgeous concrete tiles and pavers that makes you think you are in France! See the photos of this great look!
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Cool Concrete Patterns
8/13/10 10:49 AM

I love the pretty green wall display! My favorite all time wall display was in Domino magazine, great stripes in charcoal and white with a wonderful wall display on top! I miss Domino magazine!

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Art Hangings For The Restless and The Non-Committers
8/5/10 10:26 AM

I have been meaning to do this to my bedroom for years, hopefully this will get me started!

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Instant Architecture: Add Your Own Molding
8/3/10 09:38 AM

I love all the natural stone and wood! Such a beautiful home but I know it is not for everyone.

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A Natural Aesthetic By Tracery Interiors | Apartment Therapy New York
7/27/10 11:10 AM