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Seriously, damp salt will always get rid of all caffeine stains in mugs etc.

The Best Way to Remove Old Coffee Stains from Mugs & Carafes Tips from The Kitchn
3/7/14 10:06 AM

Why not put the bed under the window so its more in the middle of the room and you have space either side of it? That would help a lot. If its really badly off centre then you can do the curtain trick. In this case, I wouldn't make the curtain wall to wall but I would make the wall coverage of the curtain a bit bigger on one side. You won't see the window being off balance if you only open the curtain as far as the side of the glass.

I've done the wall to wall curtain in my apartment with an off centre window that was very bizarre. However, it was a floor to ceiling window and almost wall to wall width. Worked perfectly. I also made it a really deep colour which worked great for making a statement wall without having to paint.

How Do I Work with Off-Center Bedroom Windows? Good Questions
11/26/13 08:55 AM

Oohh...Bailie. Not a UK book, an Irish book ;)

Home Cooked by Donal Skehan New Cookbook
11/19/13 06:48 AM

Yep, in Europe, if its sweet, its a dessert. Fruit is a dessert with the possible exception of apple sauce when used with a roast but thats about it. Its also not full of sugar, it can be quite tart and is a very tasty accompaniment. Sugar generally is only used with desserts. Yes, its used in certain recipies for a main meal but only in very small no more than a teaspoon if its needed but thats rare. To be honest, over here, having sugary things as main meal (not dessert) is very much seen as an American thing. Its a very strange thing here to see pictures of cooked rashers (bacon!) smothered with maple syrup for breakfast! :)

Is This a Dessert or Side Dish? And Will It Fool the Kids?
11/7/13 11:26 AM

Thank you, thank you! I found out only last week I have to go off lots of things, including wheat, dairy, egg etc so I'm a bit lost and looking out for suggestions. I'm definitely trying this :)

Summer Recipe: Gluten-Free & Vegan Strawberry Shortcake Recipes from The Kitchn
5/28/13 09:02 AM

For silver service in Europe, the coffee/teaspoon would normally only appear with the cup and saucer at the end of the meal after the dinner plates have been cleared. It wouldn't be on the table before that. The side plate goes with the soup bowl and would be cleared off the table after that course so you wouldn't have it on the table when the main course is served. In its place in this picture, there should be a dessert spoon so that the diner has an option to use either utensil depending on their dessert type. The rest is fine.

Setting a Formal Table: A Visual Guide!
3/5/13 11:03 AM

Fairly standard this side of the pond. We tend not to go for giant sized washing machines and fridges etc.

Haier Washer & Dryer for Small Space Dwellers Snapshots from CES 2013
1/15/13 09:53 AM

When I make carrott, orange and ginger soup I use a slotted spoon to take out the chunky ingredients from the liquid and put them into a tall jug. Then I use my immersion blender in the jug and it blends everything properly really fast. Once blended to your liking, put the resulting puree back into the liquid in the pot and give it a good stir. Works perfectly every time.

How Can I Make Really Smooth & Creamy Carrot Soup? Good Questions
12/20/12 07:53 AM

I'm sure its a very good collection but I always prefer a cookery book with pictures of the final dish with each recipe.

The Mini Minimalist by Mark Bittman New Cookbook
11/28/12 09:37 AM

Nope, not just you akay......I also dislike the current trend to use "curated". I don't think its used in the proper context in these situations at all!!

Are You Overstyled?
11/1/12 12:55 PM

In my apartment building we swap magazines. Generally just between a few of us so once we are done with one we write our name on it, cross it out and then pop it in the next mailbox.

Do You Swap?
10/19/12 11:58 AM

Yep, eating at the table......knife and fork - table manners. Eating it out of the box on the couch....knife and fork for the floppy centre bit if necessary and then hands the rest of the way.

Knife-and-Fork or in Your Hand? How Do You Eat Pizza?
10/11/12 09:24 AM

Makes sense for this method but it would be a million times easier and a million times more accurate if American recipies used weighing as a method rather than cups. Its very frustrating. Its impossible to be accurate with cups.

An Old-Timey Measuring Tip for Cooks: The Water Displacement Method
5/4/12 10:56 AM

LOL The thing with Ikea is to know in advance what you are looking for and wear comfy shoes. Before you go looking at anything, go and eat before walking the maze. A coffee break before going to the marketplace is optional although necessary if you have a newbie with you. Then, you are all set to finish the trip with the least amount of tiredness and drama. Have a water with you in the maze, that helps too if you are too hot.

IKEA Meltdowns: Do They Happen To You?
4/18/12 07:38 AM

Spain is the same. Not sure about Paris but in most European countries you can buy a counter top oven quite easily that does the job.

Help! My New Kitchen Has No Oven!
Good Questions

9/8/11 09:43 AM

I prefer the before too. I think I would have liked the after better if the fabric was on the seat instead of the back. That might have worked out better.

Before & After: Stadium Seats With Serious Style
Maple & Magnolia

8/29/11 11:38 AM

Useful technology but unfortunately can't agree that it looks great. Unfortunately its just an eyesore above the house.

donQi Urban Wind Turbines Are On the Way
8/22/11 10:49 AM

This article made me take a proper look at the Nook too. Whats not to like about an ereader that can also be a full android tablet for nearly half the price of other tablets of its size! I ended up buying one and love it :)

Why I Decided on Nook Color Over Kindle, iPad & Books
7/22/11 08:48 AM

Hmm....maybe thats it, mine is a smooth marble tile so much easier for it to slide on.

Hack a Bath Mat With Outdoor Decking
House of Hepworths

6/24/11 05:05 AM

I did this with similar decking but found that the plastic backing slides a bit too easily on the tiled floor. How have you gotten past that problem?

Hack a Bath Mat With Outdoor Decking
House of Hepworths

6/23/11 10:15 AM