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we found our toilet for free on someone's curb. walked it home ten blocks on a skateboard. $7 wax ring.

How Much Did it Cost to Buy and Install Your Toilet? Reader Intelligence Request
1/28/14 05:14 PM

you're right - figs are inverted - but you're eating thousands of tiny fruits when you eat a fig, not flowers! you're also eating a few fig wasp larvae. not too many, though. don't worry.

Ingredient Spotlight: Figs
10/21/11 08:06 PM

sounds a bit like bored yuppies who don't mind driving hours and hours to "liberate" antiquey things from abandoned buildings.

Lightbulb Chair by Hopscotch Road
Design Showcase 2011

9/27/11 01:54 PM

i was about to comment on how absurd it was for you to spend $40 on tree branches, but then i realized that those trees had to be harvested completely to make those hooks.

in the same way i think meat should be priced to reflect the loss of life, it makes sense that wood products do, too. really beautiful craftsmanship.

Timber Tree Hooks
Daily Find

9/21/11 09:46 PM

i would love to see photos of that ocean mural.

DIY Failures and Embarrassments: What Did You Learn?
9/20/11 09:18 PM

you could make lace out of your fence the way tord boontje does!

How Can I Update or Replace a Chain Link Fence?
Good Question

9/14/11 12:44 PM

that calendula ROCKS! thanks, renest folks!

3 Awesome Small Seed Companies
The Gardener

9/12/11 06:42 PM

GIANT FAIL. these are cute and all, but if you've got enough light to keep herbs alive (rabbitrabbit's right!) you're also going to have enough light to grow algae in the soil. one month later and those jars are gonna be slimy inside with green goo.

clear jars are also going to allow the roots to start photosynthesizing. that means they're going to lose their ability to take up nutrients and water as well as they did before.

don't do what rapunzel suggests - you'll end up with a perched water table and your plants will drown.

Make A Wall Mounted Spice Rack From Canning Jars
Not Just A Housewife

9/8/11 06:10 PM

i'm severely immunodeficient and i pick up feathers and nests and skulls and rocks all the time. at the moment, i'm still alive. just sayin'.

its rare to find feces in a nest. as soon as their legs are developed they begin pooping over the side - no one wants to lay around in their own poop. any wayward poop will be eaten/removed by the parent bird (gross but true).

if you're super paranoid about insects/bacteria, you can place it in a container and freeze it for three days. nothing from your nest is going to outlive that!

think how lovely your nest would look under a cloche....

Green Style: Found Nest
8/26/11 07:18 PM

the city of seattle offers the green cone at a discount to its residents. its not suitable for yard waste, but ours is awesome and critter-free. everything planted near it is thriving.

I Found a Rat Near My Compost Heap! What Should I Do?
Good Question

8/26/11 07:05 PM

that thing is hideous.

calendars are beautiful bits of art.

i think that's settled.

A Paperless Calendar & Practical Paperweight All in One
8/26/11 07:01 PM

thanks for posting this - it hurts me to see people bring their indoor plants outside for a full day to 'get some sun'.

indoor light is really much dimmer than our human eyes let us think - the light in a fluorescent-lit cubicle can be quantified at 10 ppfd. a clear sunny summer day can get up to 1800 ppfd depending where you live. putting a plant outdoors is nearly analogous to you thriving while eating 10 calories a day all your life, then suddenly being force-fed 1800 calories one day - oh, the pain!

Acclimatization Tips: Bringing Indoor Plants Outside
5/19/11 02:08 PM

wasps have such excellent color vision that i don't think they'd avoid other pale colors, jrboitel. they're very sensitive the differences of blues and greens.

Repel Insects with Color!
5/9/11 09:30 PM

p.s. the sub title is 'the complete guide to organic gardening', just so you know.

p.p.s. emerald city gardens in ballard sells some organic fertilizers and amendments in bulk bins, which is awesome if you're starting out small. that cute little place is actually kinda awesome all the way around.

Gardening Q&A: What Are The Best Organic Gardening Books?
The Gardener

3/28/11 09:40 PM

i'm in seattle too!

if you're not a complete stranger to gardening, i highly recommend growing vegetables west of the cascades by steve solomon. he's snobby and over-writes, completely ignores vegetables that aren't his favorite, and has snotty things to say about his less-than-perfect-gardener neighbors. but we have a weird environment over here in the puget sound. this guy knows us, and gives advice like "if you're north of everett, plant x on this date. between chehalis and everett, plant x on this date instead." it's awfully reassuring to know my garden is in the hands of a knowledgeable neighbor.

Gardening Q&A: What Are The Best Organic Gardening Books?
The Gardener

3/28/11 09:36 PM

as a person who grimaces at anything that costs more than twenty dollars and who finds most of her furniture in alleys, i feel this woman's pain... but i still want to punch her in the eye for being such an asshat.

i think you guys edge on the side of elitist, but its hard to feature green design and not have big price tags. you're well balanced by other cheap blogs out there. and it makes your posts that feature free and recycled things to be even more valuable!

Re-Nest On... Expensive Green Furniture and Angry People
3/28/11 09:29 PM

awesome. i've found that walk score is fantastic when i'm looking for a hotel in a city i've never visited. thanks for this update!

New & Improved: Street Smart Walk Score
1/31/11 04:10 PM

why is it that whenever the nice folks here at the kitchn post a recipe, almost every comment asks on whether something can be substituted or eliminated? of course you can make this without eggs. it's just not going to be custardy. and certainly you can use tofu - it's just going to be... different.

pfft. vegans and timid cooks get my goat.

Recipe: Chickpea Casserole with Lemon, Herbs & Shallots
Cookbook Recipe

1/28/11 09:26 PM

this is terrifying. it can't be coincidence that a bike with rotating handlebars (who thought that's a good idea?!) is painted like a ghost bike. it's a premonition.

ThinBike: Graham Hill & Schindelhauer's Small Space Bike
1/28/11 09:06 PM

It's just not worth eating sustainably for most things I take in. I'll eat cheap organic local things from the farmer's market - salmon, apples, onions, greens - but I can't justify paying twice the price for things like potatoes or bread. regardless of what's said about pesticides and gmos, organic food = 1st world problem.

if only there was a similar price spread on local foods. i'd be happy to buy conventionally grown local stuff as long as i didn't have to pay for the organic trendiness!

Study Finds People Ate Less Sustainably in 2010 vs. 2009
1/14/11 07:43 PM