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Let's also not forget that if you *do* have a cell plan, you can choose the cheapest one with the fewest minutes, and add the Google voice number to your "network" of free callers (get a plan that has that feature, of course!)... and then you'll never use the minutes, no matter who you call!
Derek mentions that you can have your texts sent to GMail, but even better is to have them sent to Skype and jailbreak the phone so that you can run Skype or Fring in the background... then the messages popup just like regular texts! :-D
It's also awesome to setup Google Calendar to remind you of meetings and events. Since the reminder can be text, email, or popup, or a combo of those, you can have it buzz your phone and use GMail to auto-respond to a mail reminder to everyone else involved, either via their email, or via the email-to-text address their provider gives them (Google for the address syntax)... or probably with a pre-recorded voice message if you're clever! ;-)

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