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Really, this whole idea (hiding your TV in your fireplace) strikes me as one of those "seems-neat-but-ahem-really?" concepts, best confined to the drawing board. My cursory scan of the dozens of prior comments disclosed a few pointers to the impracticality of it all... The low viewing angle (likely to create chiropractic bills), for one. The hassle of covering/uncovering the TV when one is a frequent TV-viewer, for another. There are more.

One issue for me (which others may have already stated) is that many current flat-screen TVs are so well-designed that they are aesthetic objects in the minimalist vein, worthy of being shown off and not concealed. Then too, the marriage of TV and fireplace seems surreal, like Breton's celebrated Furry Cup (Le Déjeuner en Fourrure)... or oxymoronic even, like a solar-powered lantern.

As one prior poster suggested, let a TV be a TV, and seen! Ultimately I agree with "iknowstyle" who posted last March: if you go for this idea, then you probably care for neither TVs nor fireplaces.

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2/6/10 06:15 AM