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Harbor Freight Tools ROCKS! I was just talking to my boyfriend about their latest mailer this morning. Bear in mind a lot of the stuff isn't always the highest quality - more cheaply made import version...but with things like magnetic parts holders and such you can't go wrong. I don't believe they are on-line...eeek. Oh well. How cool you guys posted this.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Roundup: Things We Love From Harbor Freight
10/28/08 07:55 AM

Steve02 - you rock! I'm rooting for you! Hang in there....
Seriously. I doubt you'll get any further than this...but I'd guess the loosely based judging from Jumpstart won't happen again...

Apartment Therapy New York | January Jumpstart Rules: An Explanation
2/12/08 03:30 PM

I use composition books - THIS IS IT! The folks that come up with this kind of stuff or are responsible for bringing the design/idea to fruition ROCK. I bet these people sleep really good at night. ZZzzZzZzzzzZzzzzZzZZZ.

Apartment Therapy New York | Look! New X-Rubberbands at MUJI
2/12/08 03:18 PM

p.s. maybe I'm behind the latest in plaque removal...but where's the charger/base for the toothbrush?
or am I raining on everyone's parade?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Streamlining the Medicine Cabinet
2/11/08 12:57 PM

This kind of thing leaves me incomplete.
I'm still undecided as to the motivation behind such unrealistic, fantasy organization.
No matter how you toss it - I'm sorry - NO ONE rocks a medicine cabinet like that.
I almost want to say, How could you?
The foundation for such a cabinet would require superhuman powers so strong that to harness the kind of ability and exercise of material sacrifice one would have to retreat to a remote far away village in the mountains of a distant country - where you meditated, ate rice and beans for about 6 months and drank some sort of "native elixir".

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Streamlining the Medicine Cabinet
2/11/08 12:54 PM

Are Martybird and wendy associated in anyway??

Apartment Therapy New York | Jan Jump Winners: Most Likely To Be Copied
2/11/08 12:29 AM

"spoon fed"? Sorry - but I'm sound-bite ticklish and wendy is killing me!
I'm gonna take a brief break from the thread and grab my crystal ball for a sec.....tick~tock~tick~tock.....
Okay - I'm back.
Wendy are you a kindergaten teacher or do you work with small children perhaps in a daycare?
Call me paranoid but was your "READ THE RULES" boldface (very savvy) directed at yours truly?
See wendy...if you weren't popping valium and taking those deep breathes to deal with whatever it is in your life that you appear to be avoiding - you would notice a well rounded, rule reading, SOBER group of Apartment Therapy enthusiasts. (staff - did you catch that?)
Aint nothing wrong with questioning the system wendy.
Look - this is all probably a bit too much for you to swallow with that little yellow pill already on the tip of your tongue...but...
I confidently speak for the group (and your therapist) when I say that "ITS ALL GOOD"!
No one wants you to have to have a problem w/ the contest to participate in the forum. Nor do we want to add to the stresses of your upcoming week and whatever it has in store that forces you to seek out perscription meds to cope (don't forget about those deep breathes!).
Pulling inspiration from your suggestion that we all medicate w/ you...I offer this:
How about benching yourself next time you feel the urge to inevitably force fellow Apartment Therapy enthusiasts into reiterating unneccesary technicalities and over lapping explantions so as to satisfy your off-the-path-kiss-ass-to-the-staff-throw-caution-to-the-wind bantor.
Again, being the unofficial, self-appointed referee/mascot of this thread allow me to also add:
"all comments are welcome and considered, however drug use, or the suggestion of using drugs, for whatever reason will not be tolerated. This is a warning and will be noted on record for future reference if anything on the topic of substances or using them is to come up again."
I hope you take this in the most delicate way...it takes all to make the DIY rainbow that is the comment section...w/out you it just wouldn't carry on like it does...and we would miss that...sincerely.
Okay guys - I'm billing you for the next one.
Carry on.

Apartment Therapy New York | Jan Jump Winners: Most Likely To Be Copied
2/11/08 12:28 AM

wendy in arizona...
Ummm...that is kind of a weak comment. First of all "sour grapes"? Please.
Second of all...I am confident that I can speak for the rest of the bunch when I say that any valid inquiry into the contest rules is solely fueled by our love of Apartment Therapy and their seemingly non-bias judging on the contests they hold past and present.
I can only speak for myself when I say that I have never entered any of the contests, however, they are a significant part of the website that all participating and NON-PARTICIPATING readers enjoy.
With that said...its a bit hasty to make a "sour grapes" call to your fellow readers.
In a world where we have become jaded, misled, let down and straight up lied to by a large percentage of retail America...it seems only natural to question or challenge something that would interfere with a good honest, non-bias competition.
Wouldn't you agree?
If this site had hidden corporate influence or other (e.g. favoritism, bribe, etc.) involved in the judging process - I would drop Apartment Therapy like a bad tenant (actually in S.F. easier said than done)!
I think we are in favor of KEEPING IT REAL.
You can leave the sour grapes b.s. at the door. Had I entered any of the contests...I clearly would have won.
So there. ;o).

disclaimer: author is excused/not responsible for any typos or grammatical errors w/in this document. these opinions are based solely uopn his/her views and are not necessarily those of the website or its viewers.

Apartment Therapy New York | Jan Jump Winners: Most Likely To Be Copied
2/10/08 11:49 AM

I'm sustainable like that.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Thursday Giveaway: Win a Ferm Living Wall Sticker
1/14/08 12:20 AM

"Has anyone used the IKEA version on a ceiling?"

Hi everyone...long time reader - first time poster...anyway, IKEA...KVARTAL is the tracking system in which you refer to.
It is rather confusing and tedious. I'm a total DIYer...however w/the lack of information provided on-line or in-store in regards to the "sytem" or hardware for KVARTAL- it means several trips to IKEA...trust me.
I applied the system to my ceiling. Unfortunately, they do not glide easily, if at all. The point where the rails line up is impossible to install flawlessly as a result of cheap construction. (note: they MUST line up flawlessly to effortlessly glide - do the math :o(
Unless covered by top of curtain (depends on which option you choose to hang curtain) they LOOK as JANKY as they (mis)behave.
Thumbs down on KVARTAL

Apartment Therapy - Kirsch Curtain Tracks
10/26/07 04:18 AM