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I wish I could love it, but the only covetable thing, to me, is George. =^..^=

10 Tell-Tale Signs Your Home Style Might Be: Mid-Century Modern
7/30/14 03:33 PM

Without details, I don't believe the two pics are of the same piece of furniture. The drawers even appear to fit differently. Hummmm.....

Before & After: A Damaged Dresser Gets a Dramatic Upgrade
7/30/14 03:30 PM

Also be aware that some landlords insist that any new pet be at least one year old. I've had a couple of friends with broken hearts over this. Alls well that ends well, I was in my house and kept the dogs until they turned 1 and returned to their "parents" full time.

Bringing Home a New Dog? The Essential Shopping List for a Damage-Free Home
7/29/14 02:33 PM

Die, Ombre, DIE!!!

Trend Alert: Ombre Bookcases
7/29/14 01:28 PM

To me, this is of no consequence. I shall have been reduced to ashes long before 2100!!

Interactive Map Tells You How Hot Your City will be in 2100 Design News
7/29/14 01:25 PM

I was in your situation several years ago. Police detail and all. It ended up costing close to $5,000, all in. Although I don't live in the house any longer, my memories of that tree coming down is one of the saddest of my life...

How Much Did It Cost To Remove a Tree From Your Yard? Reader Intelligence Request
7/29/14 01:14 PM

AND...I know not everyone was around all those years ago, so this is good, repeat advice for the young'uns.

One Minute (Pro!) Tip: How To Arrange Flowers Using Tape Apartment Therapy Videos
7/29/14 01:07 PM

I have a vase that has a pierced lid for just this purpose. Also, I have several frogs in different sizes. Martha Stewart gave this advice when Buck was a calf.

One Minute (Pro!) Tip: How To Arrange Flowers Using Tape Apartment Therapy Videos
7/29/14 01:04 PM

I rented my home during the 1996 Olympics. What a mistake...don't EVER do that. That's all...

Airbnb Renter Refuses to Leave Design News
7/25/14 03:43 PM

I lived in a London flat that had an undercounter-sized fridge sitting ON the counter. Under was a Bosch washer/dryer. I had everything!!!(35 years ago).

What's Better in Small Kitchen: More Cabinets or Full-Size Fridge? Good Questions
7/25/14 03:04 PM

ooooh, I had forgotten about sponge painting.....

How Do You Know a Trend is Officially \"Over?\"
7/25/14 01:09 PM

Orange will be dated in the next 15 minutes. Legs too spindly for "girth". The piece was pristine to begin with, now it just looks like a fat lady with skinny legs. Sorry, but I can't get with it.

Before & After: A Vintage Dresser Goes From White to Wow!
7/21/14 02:58 PM

Piano did an addition to our High Museum. I, for one among many, was not all that impressed. It looks like radiator fins. To be fair, the original museum building, by Meier, is just as ugly. Nothing but white tiles. Ugh.

I hope this new Piano effort is worthy of it's contents.

Renzo Piano Designs a Dinosaur Museum Design News
7/21/14 02:54 PM

What one tenant sees as an "improvement" is not universal. I did, indeed, sue a tenant for paint unbecoming a sane person. Yes, I won.

Radical Renters: When Renters Make Big Changes
7/21/14 02:47 PM

My apartment prohibits using Command Strips.

10 Temporary & Removable Adhesive Products All Renters Should Know About
7/21/14 02:42 PM

Spent all my years w/o a dishwasher (and disposal) until last year when I moved into a modern apartment. I have lots of dishes, live alone (well, the cats have their bowls), and use up all my 10" luncheon plates (don't use big dinner plates unless I have company) and run the dishwasher once a week. When I run it weekly, I also put in my sponge and other scrubby stuff. I would not like to live without a dishwasher.

Our Best Tips for Life Without a Dishwasher
7/17/14 11:57 AM

I won't ask first, but if someone asks me, I'll be honest. THEN, I will ask them.

Wouldn't do this to my apartment neighbor, but someone in a different property, sure 'nuf.

As someone mentioned, all the apartments are listed online, most with pricing, pet fees and incidentals (whether you want a washer/dryer, etc.).

Would You (Could You?!?) Talk About Your Rent with Your Neighbors? Renter's Solutions
7/17/14 11:46 AM

Nope, not for me. Not versatile enough if I want to go with another style of furniture. Would be anxiety producing with trying to keep it shiny. It looks nice, but it rather reminds me of a stable.

Design Dare: Paint Your Trim Black
7/17/14 08:40 AM

Charming! It is perfect just as it is. Can we see the other half of your doggie?

Bridget & Robert's \"Collected Treasures\" Budget Friendly Loft House Tour
7/16/14 03:08 PM

Layered rugs are an accident waiting to happen. I saw most of the new items last Saturday at the Atlanta IKEA. Didn't buy anything, except Blue Bags. Those little settees are really cute and surprisingly comfortable (for a short time, don't know about an evening of sitting). Love the concept, tho.

IKEA 2015 Catalog Sneak Peek: Stylists' Ideas Worth Stealing
7/16/14 03:01 PM