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i think the rocker is a vintage creative playthings. they're out there on ebay, but pricey.

Bad House Day? 5 Awesome Pick-Me-Ups Under $15
5/15/14 04:42 PM

i LOVE that paint color (and so thankful that you named it!). wondering if i could pull it off with medium warm hardwood floors...

Before & After: A Bedroom Gets Finished With Fresh Paint and Flea Market Finds
4/20/14 07:31 PM

that is awesome. bravo.

Giving a \"Best Thing\": What Kids Can Teach Us About Generosity
9/24/13 04:15 PM

blurb is awesome. great quality and easy to use. also, it gives you the freedom to create your own layouts and use whatever fonts you want. i have used it for two years to convert our blog to an annual book. i always wait to order them though until november because they send out a 20% off discount code.

Luna's First Year of Life Book
11/25/10 10:06 PM

definitely worth checking out alphababy (free), soundTouch ($2 - there is a free lite version too) and saturation (free). all three are awesome for our 22 month old. alphababy pops up letters, shapes, or images you add every time the screen is touched. soundTouch is this amazing grid of clip art pictures of animals, household objects, transportation stuff, etc- that when the animal or whatever is touched, a gorgeous photo and sound appears- my son would play with this FOREVER if we let him. and saturation is very simple patterns of circles that divide and subdivide in a rather hypnotic way when you touch them.

Cool iPhone Apps for ParentsRound Up | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
6/28/10 09:49 PM

i love this idea!

one thing that has been working great for us when traveling is to take an entire outfit for the babe (onesie, t-shirt, pants, socks), roll it up together and put a rubber band around it. then we just stack all the little rolls in the suitcase and anyone can easily pull one out to get him dressed.

Diaper Bag Organization | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
4/28/10 09:08 PM

we have an ancient laptop from the 90s that no longer works. we took sticky backed mylar and cut it to screen size so that the screen became like a circus mirror. our 19th month old is not super interested in it now (he wants the real one) but spent a lot of time "typing" on it a few months ago.

Repurposing a Laptop for a Child's Toy Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/20/10 08:23 PM

here's another great toddler game site that my husband discovered today. our 18 month old loved it immediately, and with a little bit of exploring, we have found that it's super customize-able and free!

Knee Bouncers Presents Online Toddler Games | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/4/10 09:10 PM