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b is my bet

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6/30/11 01:47 PM

i too was an over-privileged child with too many clothes and undiagnosed adhd--every morning i went through 5 or 6 outfits trying to decide what to wear to school--all discards ending up on the floor: when i got back from school all was picked-up ironed fresh and clean--the house i lived in beautiful and serene.
these habits have continued through adulthood yet i am now under-privileged! when i get home from work things are as i left them--unless dog and cats have left their designs- what i do? I use a timer! Allotting 3 to 7 minute an area--i also have a dyson vacuum and my favorite thing of all a scooba--i wear leather clothes often because they are chic and don't need ironing nor do they attract pet hair--and the greatest sign of my trust for you is an invitation to my imperfect home! why is it that no one responds to this profile on match dot com?

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5/28/10 08:49 AM

want to join and do the cure--can I post pic from i-photo? am a web troglodyte.

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2/28/08 09:22 AM