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I wish your dresser were mine.

Your place is like a beautiful study on texture and tone. I love it!

Small Cool 2010: Lacey's DIY in the Details Teeny Tiny Division #5 | Apartment Therapy New York
4/9/10 12:55 AM

Jessica, thank-you for focusing on the practicality! As someone with an apartment with the same square footage I appreciate seeing how other people deal with "stuff".

After looking at your pictures for awhile, I finally realized what was causing me the most conflict. I think you should get rid of the floor lamp in your sleeping space. You already had the right idea with the chandelier decal, I think you should use that vertical space for a real chandelier (needn't be expensive). I've seen great ones that plug in, and it will help eliminate the visual disruption of your [limited] wall space.

Small Cool 2010: Jessica's Vertical Space Teeny Tiny Division #7 | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/9/10 12:49 AM