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This is one of my favorite recipes of ALL TIME, although I have yet to try the salsa. The perfect combo of sweet and spicy and savory and cheesy.

10 Ways To Eat An Acorn Squash
Recipe Roundup

10/16/10 12:15 AM

When we first started dating my boyfriend left me little notes in my planner. It was great to open it on monday morning and see something sweet.

Ways To Woo Your Love Around The Home | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/12/10 06:10 PM

bed bugs bed bugs bed bugs bed bugs.

no thank you.

U-Haul Re-Use Centers | Apartment Therapy New York
2/10/10 09:59 AM

Do you think I? Used too many question marks?

How To Heat Up The Water at HomeHome Hacks | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/5/10 11:21 PM

You guys all seem smart--maybe you can help me. The dial on my water heater is set to hot and when I'm using the kitchen or bathroom sinks everything is great but my shower is awful.

I have to turn on the hot water all the way with a just a slight turn on the cold knob to start. 7 or 8 minutes later the cold is all the way off and the water coming out is chilly. However, if I turn on the hot water in my sink right after the shower it's just as hot as usual.

Any ideas? As to why this could be? I live in an apt. building so I don't know much about the plumbing.

How To Heat Up The Water at HomeHome Hacks | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/5/10 11:21 PM

I like being able to stick a tablespoon into my spice jars.

Simple DIY Project: Test Tube Spices | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/4/10 03:16 PM

Lestoil also works really well. Rub some into the paint as you would with any stain remover and then wash it.

You do have to wash the clothing by itself because Lestoil's so smelly, but you don't have to scrape anything so it's great for when you're dealing with a lot of paint.

Remove Acrylic Paint From Clothes | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/3/10 02:21 PM