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In fact, I think "FIZGERALD" would make a great name for a cocktail.

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7/29/11 06:24 PM

I think Scott would have greatly appreciated the typo "FIZGERALD" and articles about style icons are always appropriate here.

Can't wait to see "Midnight in Paris", jroo and thanks for the book recommendations "LA Margarita".

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7/29/11 06:21 PM

I lived in Toronto for 5 years and hands down Sarah Richardson was on my short list of favourite things about Canada. Being a very much a hands-on person myself I thoroughly enjoyed "Room Service" and am sure "Sarah 101" will be all that it promises and more.

Apartment Therapy Interviews: Sarah Richardson
7/8/11 12:28 PM

What goes around comes around -- I've got an antique sewing table with a marble top which I use.... get this.... as a sewing table. It's nice and heavy and way more sturdy than a lot of the cheaper modern tables on the market.

Once Ubiquitous Furnishings We've (Mostly) Left Behind
7/1/11 11:24 AM

@timmy jr -- if you hadn't brought that up, I was definitely going to comment.
Also, within a month of my moving into my new house, the main backed up into my downstairs bathroom. Thank goodness I was able to remove the bag of books I had set on the floor out of the way before they got ruined but goodness only knows what the plumbers would have done if there had been a bookcase in there.... ICK ICK ICK!!!!! Never ever keep more than a handful of books in a bathroom.

Bookshelves in the Bathroom
5/11/11 01:25 PM

The bowler hats are fabulous -- very John Steed!

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4/6/11 07:00 PM


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4/1/11 12:52 PM

I fixed one of these on a temporary basis and used safety pins to fasten the fabric to the shelf. It wasn't really that noticeable and it was very sturdy -- it had to be....

How To Create a Thrifty Industrial Shelf Tent
2/22/11 07:30 PM

Very elegant!

What's Your Favorite Source for DIY Inspiration?
2/22/11 07:24 PM

@ Si -- I hate to say it but I agree with you. There are a number of ways to do it and this is definitely not one of them.

How To Make a Fabric Bucket
2/21/11 07:37 PM

@madampince -- I totally agree with you about human pathogens. My ex-boyfriend was a walking germ factory, most of which he picked up from his school-age kids.

Furry Bedfellows: Do You Sleep with Your Pet?
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2/21/11 07:17 PM

My grandfather's family had a house on Boardman St in Newburyport which has since been turned into a duplex. While it's sad to see all those lovely homes being chopped up -- it's nice to see people doing good jobs on the interior design! That color on the dining room walls wouldn't be Benjamin Moore's Newburyport blue would it?

Emily & Chris' New Addition to the Home
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2/16/11 04:00 PM

Burlap = sackcloth = hair shirt. Not something anyone should wish to put next to their skin. I think HernandoHouse has the right idea using linen. A nice, nubbly-textured silk or hemp would give the same effect if you were making something like pillows. Save burlap for for shopping bags... or over-wintering your rose bush.

Add Texture with Burlap Covered Pieces
2/14/11 06:02 PM

I've used the aluminum foil to remove tarnish without the addition of the baking soda and it worked quite well. Next time I'll try it with the baking soda!

The jeans thing actually sounds interesting -- you can freeze wool yarn or sweaters to kill moths so I can't imagine why it wouldn't work on jeans. I seriously doubt it would harm any food unless you'd been mucking out the barn and with the wool, you place it in a plastic bag first anyway.

I would like to add that spackling compound, ounce for ounce, costs less than toothpaste and does a far better and more long-lasting job when it comes to filling holes in walls.

Sometimes it's best to just use the right product for a specific job.

Household Cleaning Urban Myths: Do They Actually Work?
1/31/11 07:58 PM

Great idea -- I just bought a home which still has the original wall oven and cook-top but the color, a rather drab brown, just doesn't thrill me. Now if I could only decide on a new color...

Fixer Upper: Painted Appliances
1/24/11 11:43 AM

Toronto area? You can also try Canadian Tire if that's easier for you than Home Depot. They have them listed on their website.

Source For Wall Mounted Shelving Unit?
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1/18/11 01:09 PM

Love stripes, love benches, really love that black and white staircase!

Sit and Stay a While: Striped Benches
12/16/10 06:00 PM

Spray bottles don't really work that well with cats -- especially if they associate the spray bottle with the person aiming at them. A good alternative is a drink can with a couple of coins in it which makes a horrendous noise - if you shake it or throw it so they can't see you they get spooked into stopping what they're doing. It's also fairly easy to teach children not to spill stuff on your nice sofa -- by not letting them eat anywhere near it. Accidents do happen, though, even adults spill stuff. That said, the best option would be a slip cover -- with microsuede. Cats don't stick to it and you can hose it off if anyone spills anything on it.

A Less Shabby Slipcover Solution?
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12/10/10 01:21 PM

Very well done! I love all three bedrooms. Your house looks like a lot of fun and I am quite impressed with your banquet.

The Wheeler’s Fresh Eclectic Home
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12/10/10 12:46 PM

"Blow-Up" is incredibly 1966... Visually it's gorgeous and the segue from "The Ghost Writer" is apropos. I liked both films for their starkness. Another to consider is Alan Rickman's "The Winter Guest". Grey is good.

Going Grey: Blow-Up & The Ghost Writer
ColorTherapy In Film

11/9/10 06:58 PM