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Andrew, Buy Restor A Finish by Howard. All you do is open the can and put a little on a towel and rub in. Works wonderfully; I use it on everything wood in my house and even on my fake wood kitchen cabinets. I have 3 kids who leave scratches and ring marks and it works amazingly. I bought mine at an antique store and they use it on everything there. I saw it recently on amazon.com and mine is ebony finish but there are other options. Find a finish with a little red in it. Just use soft cloth to apply and rub in, however dont get on you freshly painted walls. Joanne

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1/14/13 08:17 AM

grasscloth , very midcentury modern! Love the view!

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8/17/10 08:27 PM

I love it!! Great job. I remember your earlier post and glad you kept them. JRC

Before and After: Restoring Grandma's Lounge | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/3/10 10:43 PM

Go on ebay and find vintage "bark cloth", it will look fantastic and is from that era. joanne

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2/4/10 10:44 AM

Thanks BREDLO, I didnt mean to start a cat fight with the other folks. I liked your idea about the Parisian club chair. Have you tried second hand stores locally? I found some great chairs at thrift stores; however, I like midcentury modern. Good luck! JRC

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2/2/10 04:15 PM

Great house but decorating is terrible. Too bad you wasted space on apartment therapy showing this disaster. Hire a decorator.

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2/1/10 09:16 PM

Get rid of the cats restore the chair. It has great lines and a shame to let animals destroy something so nice. I also think it will be a waste of money to buy anything new or restore something if the cats are going to just tear it up again. Maybe you could declaw the cat. New items you get that are mass produced are cheaply made and wont last; restoring something well made will last for years and wont be glued together and will be a show piece!!

Restore Grandma's Chair or Let It Go? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/1/10 09:04 PM