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Be very careful if you decide to use OZ for your move.

The good:
They actually arrived a couple of hours early and got everything out of my 5th floor walkup quickly. The guys were friendly and I didn't see them waste any time. They brought a lot of extra tape to reinforce boxes, which they didn't charge for. They didn't lose anything, and despite not paying insurance, I only had 2 cheap drinking glasses broken.

Unfortunately it pretty much ends there.

The bad:
When my fiancee called to make the reservation, they quoted us a time of 4:30 hours, told us that we would not be asked for a tip, and told us that we could use their garment boxes at no charge. The only restriction was that we had to pack everything ourselves and couldn't have any loose items.

So, the first thing they said when they arrived was that they wanted a 20% tip claiming that was the industry standard. Then they told us they couldn't move anything that wasn't in a rigid container and that the garment boxes were $15/each with the first 3 free. I had a couple of things in trash bags and didn't pack my clothes thinking the garment boxes were going to be free, so that ended up costing me a lot extra.

The move took an additional hour because they claimed they couldn't park, so we had to pay extra for that too. And we were forced to give them a tip. At the end of the day, we paid an extra $350. When my fiancee called to complain the next day, he was told that it was impossible the sales rep had given him those guidelines before the move. And mysteriously, the contract that we signed wasn't available online anymore...

I will never use OZ again.

OZ Moving & Storage | Apartment Therapy New York
2/25/10 11:54 AM