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I like the simplicity of this and i bet installation is a breeze. Because of the potential damage to books, this would be a cool DVD holder. I see where this would be better in a reception area/waiting room. Perhaps develop a larger version for magazines? You would need to add a sliding bookend since magazines are flimsy.

Duo Bookshelf by Ana Linares
Design Showcase 2010

9/20/10 01:54 PM

I like the overall scheme of the design and the space has some really great architectural details. I can see this evolve over time as the owner settles in. However, I have to disagree with the author. It does feel like you are in someone's office. In fact it feels like you are in the waiting room and the receptionist stepped away from her desk. I also wonder how much computer work someone can do at the desk with all that back light. I would experiment with moving the sofa in front of the desk (i would also remove the table at the entry (it's awkward).

Since it's only been 2 years, I would like to see the space again after a few more years.

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6/29/10 12:44 PM

I recommend a small bench. It adds extra seating, will divide the space (without losing the openness) and depending on the style add extra storage!

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6/23/10 01:29 PM