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These are beautiful results! I have a few pieces of wooden furniture lined up to pain - I will defintiley try out that primer.

Kaete - for Walnut, would you suggest staining if it REALLY needed a pick me up?

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The Great Cabinet Debate: To Paint or Not Paint | Apartment Therapy DC
3/8/10 11:31 PM

These are great ideas! I'm going to try the fold stitch and stuff floor pillows! How adorable! And those silhouette shams - what an adorable gift!

Our blog, has a ton of great ideas under $50, including one today about making a kitchen rug out of old T-shirts! Cost: Just the cost of the needles.

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25 DIY Projects That Cost Less Than $50 Roundup | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
2/17/10 03:18 PM

Beautiful! Also check out Kanibal Home in Jersey City. Kristen, the owner, does beautiful work.

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Before After: A Professionally Tufted Turquoise Chair The Haystack Needle | Apartment Therapy New York
2/17/10 02:57 PM

I love your collections of globes! They are just fabulous. Currently decorating my boyfriend's new apt. and we're both obsessed with old maps. Picked up an amazing one in VT this weekend for $8! It's circa 1800s and has the world divided by religions. I'd love to see a photo of your vintage cake toppers. Some of my "found objects"/antiques will appear on my blog, over the coming months.

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Emily George's Collections House Call | Apartment Therapy DC
2/16/10 12:03 PM

Queenbee, what's the Small Cool contest? I LOVE the Hell's Kitchen flee market!!!!

5 Secrets of Motivated DIYers | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/4/10 05:06 PM

I love to take-on DIY projects that will eventually be gifts - whether a wreath, something knitted, an ornament, or even a big homemade meal for friends - I stay motivated by imagining how happy those people will be when they see the finished product. It makes all the trial and error worth it! You can see some of finished projects at


5 Secrets of Motivated DIYers | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/4/10 03:43 PM

I've been searching for a map like this for our new apartment - one that scrolls down, like they have in Elementary schools, but a little more antinuqued - just like this one!!! Where did you get it?

Classic Triangle: A Pair of Lamps, Paired With Art | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/4/10 08:51 AM

It's Erin at YAY! DIY. Check us out at:

We blog about everything from cooking, to crafting, to card-making, to furniture redos. Looking forward to checking out those on your list we haven't!

10 Crafty Blogs We Love | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/1/10 12:09 PM