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Use shot glasses. Perfect size for kids; much better proportioned in every aspect b

5 Tops to Help Kids Transition to Using Real Glasses
6/29/14 11:07 PM

I agree that a firm "no" can be appropriate for some children, although personally I would just remove the one above the changing table so that you don't have to say "no" a million times (unless your child is old enough/has the temperament to not be consistently curious about it). I've also used self-stick Velcro to secure the bottoms of items to walls (along with the hangers at the top of the item).

Tips for Securing Mirror in Baby's Room? Good Questions
10/16/13 03:25 PM

Is the upholstered chair in the first picture a rocker or glider? I'd love some details on that, as it looks like it would be great for people with older kids, too!

A Soothing Modern Nursery for Baby \"A\" My Room
10/7/13 12:54 PM

@Slengevar, the thing I missed most from my glider was a reclining feature. Sure, there was a footstool, but I wanted to actually be able to recline a bit after breastfeeding or while my baby slept on me, or while I read stories to my toddler. The point is, everybody wants something different, and you won't know until you've tried a few. If you can, borrow a few from various friends or try them out in person first.

Rock On In Color: Colorful Gliders and Rockers
9/19/13 09:40 PM

These are great tips. I would also add: Warn visitors beforehand! Although I managed while pregnant and with a newborn to climb four flights on a daily basis, I had pregnant friends scoff at going up the stairs. I also had a few people ask to hold playdates at their house (instead of mine) because they were unable to climb the stairs with the baby in a carseat.

Tips for Living with Kids in a Walk-Up Renters Solutions
3/12/13 04:24 PM

I like the look of the Moulin Roty -- but I do wish there were (from established brands and indie sellers) more of a skin color selection.

Rag Dolls: Softly Stuffed and Ready for a Friend
1/23/13 02:48 PM

Bibs that go over the head -- with an "envelope neck" -- are even better choices. Although adults have no problems with velcro and snaps, they are actually kind of difficult for children, especially at the neck where the child cannot see the closure.
Another good resource for dishes/utensils is For Small Hands (

Faux-Montessori Dishes: Everyday Dishware for Montessori Weaning
1/14/13 04:42 PM

If it is night or we are going out of the house, we use disposable diapers when there is a rash so we can use the most effective (for us) cream. If it is during the dya and we are at home, we don't use diapers at all. The rash usually disappears within hours.
GroVia has a stick that they claim is safe for their diapers, although I haven't found it to be terribly effective against a really bad rash.

Diaper Rash Creams: The Dirty Cloth Diaper Secret You May Not Know
11/12/12 11:51 AM

By far the cheapest option I've found is to buy matching shot glasses at thrift stores. And then it doesn't matter if they break.

Petite Picardie Glasses: Perfect for Tiny Hands
10/15/12 03:23 PM

I am joining the "Debbie Downer" crowd: rotate the couch or move it away from the railing. And then make sure she can't sneak/fall through the railing.

Something Safe but Stylish for Childproofing? Good Questions
10/8/12 04:33 PM

@ROBERTIN, you might also want integrate some way to store/hang the bedding. I had a murphy bed and I ended up installing a towel bar so I could hang my duvet when the bed was folded. But it looked tacky because it was a run-of-the-mill towel bar and didn't coordinate with the murphy bed's design. I think having some sort of "duvet/blanket bar" would be a cool add on for this product.

Double Murphy Bunk Bed by Casa Kids
8/23/12 01:16 PM

@Tripletsmama, I've heard good things about the stethscope from For Small Hands:

A DIY Play Doctor's Kit My Poppet
8/2/12 03:34 PM

Last year I talked to my company's water cooler provider to ask whether they had BPA-free water jugs (yes, I realize the best solution is to drink from the tap, but the water here tastes awful and yes, I gave it a full year of trying to get used to it before I joined the water club). The rep told me that yes, they have BPA-free jugs, but that she isn't convinced that the jug company doesn't just put in some other type of Bisphenol into the bottles -- something that hasn't been studied at all yet.

My point: there is a dearth of easily accessibly information about the harmfulness of most plastics as they relate to food consumption. I therefore think glass and some metals (e.g., high quality stainless steel) are the best for babies and young children. I transitioned my daughter to an open cup (shot glass, actually) when she was about six months old, so we skipped the sippy cup need entirely.

FDA Reluctantly Bans BPA in Baby Bottles & Sippy Cups
7/24/12 01:41 PM

I agree with SAYS: this pretty much begs a kid to look at and play with the outlet. The best outlets covers are integrated into the outlet. I don't know what they are called, but they seemed ubiquitous in Germany: one has to push and rotate the prongs in order for the prongs to sink into the outlet.

Ouchlet Outlet Cover Protects Your Kids From Boo-boos
6/25/12 03:37 PM

I have responses that address a few of your concerns:

1. There is a solution to the loose sheets -- there are things called sheet suspenders. They are basically a wide, long, adjustable piece of elastic with clips at each end. Hotels use them sometimes to keep sheets really crisp and tight. You could also rig something up courself; suspender clips are available at fabric stores as is wide elastic.
2. Alternately, you can make fitted sheets - many tutorials exist. That way you can make sheets for a thinner mattress.
3. I think that if you feel uncomfortable and worry that your baby will be insecure on a floor bed your baby will *be* insecure on a floor bed. It's like a self-fulfilling prophecy: any odd behavior on the baby's part you will attribute to her being insecure on the floor bed. You can always introduce the floor bed when your baby is ready, after you know your baby's temperament. We waited to introduce the floor bed until our daughter was 10 months old, and she sometimes sleeps on it and sometimes sleeps with us.

However, If you have a co-sleeper at-the-ready, I think you are prepared. The other decisions (crib or floor mattress) can wait until you know more about your baby. Unless you have a large baby that quickly outgrows the co-sleeper. Give yourself permission to take it one step at a time.

Montessori Floor Bed Logistics? Good Questions
4/24/12 01:00 PM

I love this idea, but caution against putting anything in or around a carseat that might compromise its efficacy. I do not know whether this particular idea might compromise safety, however...

IKEA Flort As Car Seat OrganizerThe Odd Mom Out
3/20/12 02:15 PM

I kept my last name when I got married (it is a very unique name and I am the only grandchild able to carry on the name). When I had a baby, my husband and I agreed that if I "picked" the last name (i.e., if the baby got my last name) then he would get to pick the first name. Our daughter has my last name now; he picked the first name and I love it.
I hope people ask her and us why her last name is different from her father's last name: why not challenge the patriarchal naming tradition?

Hyphenated Last Names for the Next Generation
New York Times

12/5/11 04:28 PM

I recommend giving a gift certificate for a local photographer -- not Olan Mills or a mall portrait studio.

Unique Non-Baby Baby Gift
Good Questions

4/7/11 04:30 PM

Only cribs made and sold between certain dates were recalled. Owners could either get rid of the crib or update certain pieces to make the crib safe. You can find more (official) information here:

Frances May's Patchwork Nursery
Nursery Tour

4/5/11 03:05 PM

I don't think that looks like a chair I'd sleep in -- no padded arms, no head support, not very good lumbar support (at least, it doesn't appear that way), no footrest.

Sleepy Chair by Autobahn
Daily Find

3/23/11 12:10 PM