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you guys are no fun. i like this party! not saying that a bag of chips & 6-pack isn't a fun party, too. there's room for all manner of partying over here in my datebook.

mostly, i want the stereo. i want a big piece of furniture that opens from the top to reveal turntable, etc. somebody should bring those back.

A Vintage Chic Holiday Party
Chicago Home + Garden

11/11/10 03:19 PM

many sheets aren't even stitched shut on the sides at the finished hem part. you can just stick the rod in. i did this all thru college & my young adulthood. and now, my son's bedroom curtains are twin-sized thomas the tank engine sheets.

Look! Twin Sheet Curtains | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/23/10 07:25 PM

love these! i have a c.1950s Hints from Heloise book that i refer to often.

10 Surprising, Green Thrifty Old School Hacks | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/12/10 09:19 AM

wow, i'm surprised at the 'burn it!' & 'craigslist!' posts. i love this couch! paint the walls blue-gray & get rid of the red pillows. move the starburst clock to an entryway or kitchen or someplace, it doesn't belong over a couch. get a big old mirror, like the kind that used to be attached to those oversized mid-century dressers, and hang that. maybe a nice painting, or even one of those 60s-ish paris hotel prints or a paul detlefsen, something fun like that. put your nifty little chest of drawers closer to couch as a side table. get an area rug with greens & blues. ditch the tall paper standing lamp. or you know what? give the couch to me! i bet it's incredibly comfy. i could totally work with it.

How Do I Make My Big Green Couch Work? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/6/10 11:13 PM

i registered with AT just now, specifically to comment on your house tour, altho i've been reading AT for yrs. i absolutely love your whole aesthetic. especially adore the kitchen and the blue sitting room. i've returned to the pictures over & over again all day long, and forwarded to friends. in fact, i was so inspired that i got out some vintage colorful upholstery fabric that i've been storing for yrs (got it at an estate sale in memphis ages ago) & recovered my ikea dining room chairs. seriously, i just finished, & it was a bitch, but i'm really psyched about how it turned out. thanks for kicking me in the pants & giving me the balls to go for it. you are my home-decor hero.

Chris Heather's Happy, Hippy Haven House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/30/10 10:06 PM