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Do you have a source for the bed frame? Love it.

Larissa's Cotton Mill Loft Small Cool Contest
5/30/13 01:16 PM

@CMCINNYC Oh, I just wanted it to stand out from my fluff, since that's a way we struck balance between chaos and order. Sorry it came off as obnoxious!

Embracing the Family Mess: Striking a Balance Between Chaos and Order
6/12/12 06:49 PM

I grew up with 2 siblings and a stay-at-home mom in Arizona. I remember hearing, "Take it outside!" just about every day. We played mostly in the front and back yards, and in the desert behind our house. If it was hot, we were in the pool. Although we were rarely inside, we were allowed to play quietly in our rooms. Every night before bed, we each had to pick up everything that belonged to us, and put it away. And although our house was never picture perfect clean, at least it didn't look like a bomb went off.

I totally agree with @SMARTERALEC, and she has her right to comment. Couldn't this be a discussion for people without kids? I bet the team behind Apartment Therapy didn't anticipate all the "discussion" between parents & non-parents when they decided on their redesign! But that's besides the point…

Embracing the Family Mess: Striking a Balance Between Chaos and Order
6/12/12 04:17 PM

We don't have a dishwasher, nor much counter space either. Our sink is just wide and deep enough to fit a Rubbermaid dishpan http://goo.gl/IebVa on the left for washing, leaving a little space on the right for rinsing. (We used to use the dishpan for washing dishes when car camping.) I think we save water, and soap, by filling up the dishpan for washing, and then occasionally running the water to rinse the dishes. Then we let the dishes air dry on a rack.

Dishwashing Do: Turning the Faucet Off
5/17/12 04:43 PM

Try not to go overboard!! It's easy to register for everything and anything, but you really don't need all that stuff!! Also, we ended up moving twice in two years after we got married. If you know you're going to move, don't unpack or use anything gifts until you move. Then you can return items as needed — if you don't have room, or realize you really do need that vacuum instead of the panini press!

CHINA/CRYSTAL: It's not worth it… While I love our china and crystal, I wish I hadn't even registered for it because we only received about 30% of what we registered for, and couldn't afford to finish the sets.

Wedding Wish List: What's Your Best Registry Advice?
4/6/12 05:30 PM

I did this and it changed my life! I even added an extender so my husband didn't have to do a backbend to get his hair wet. The extender and shower head I bought were made so I didn't even have to use the Teflon tape. Seriously so easy!

DIY Basics: Replacing a Shower Head Renters Solutions
3/21/12 06:19 PM

I'd just spray them with a hose from a few feet away — like it's raining!

A Recycled Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden

2/9/12 04:12 PM

I think it's awesome! $800/mo does seem a little high, but who cares! …As long as he's happy in his little, cozy, well-designed space. Having the small space makes you go out and explore and experience the world around you, rather than holing up in your big house by yourself.

Luke's Barely Habitable Video Tour!
12/23/11 10:01 AM

I just read yesterday that there is/could be BPA in canning lids. Something to think about when storing food. I found these while searching for replacements to metal lids. Delightful shapes and BPA free! http://www.weckcanning.com/

Survey: What's the Best Way to Store Leftovers? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/30/10 05:35 PM

I just asked for these on our wedding register. They come in all sizes—rectangular or round. I think the lids are microwavable, but microwaving with plastic isn't a good idea, in my opinion. Good price too.


Cheap Eco-Friendly: Frigoverre Glass Storage Containers | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
1/30/10 05:16 PM

One more thing… haha

We add spinach or kale to our smoothies sometimes to add some more calcium. I swear, you cannot taste the greens at all. It's amazing!

Making Smoothies: Easy Tips from Alton Brown | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/30/10 04:59 PM

Forgot to mention…

It takes me a while to drink a whole smoothie, so I actually feel fuller longer after a smoothie, than if I eat a bowl of cereal or even scrambled eggs. Makes me happy cuz then I'm not as starving come lunchtime.

Making Smoothies: Easy Tips from Alton Brown | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/30/10 04:58 PM

We make smoothies every-other morning. We try to make enough for two days, cuz we're lazy. We leave the left-overs in the blender carafe and refrigerate. Next morning, just pop it on the blender base and wallah! Instant smoothie! 1/2 the work, 1/2 the clean up.

Making Smoothies: Easy Tips from Alton Brown | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/30/10 04:54 PM

I discovered these while searching for BPA free canning jars. I love their shapes and LOVE that they're safe for our food! The tiny ones would be great for storing homemade baby food.

Weck Jars at Heath Ceramics | Apartment Therapy New York
1/29/10 08:28 PM