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Carefully remove the dart-ish apron molding from the cabinets. I promise you just removing those God awful (and unnecessary) trim pieces will change everything.

How to Deal with "Hideous" Built In Cabinet? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/5/10 01:38 PM

Oooooh, I love it!

An Invisible Wardrobe Jaboopee | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/21/10 11:27 PM

FANTASTIC use of space. Love the bed. Major points for creativity!

Small Cool 2010: Daniel's Swiss Family Robinson Teeny Tiny Division #26 | Apartment Therapy New York
4/21/10 11:25 PM

Sorry. The "Live Laugh Love" automatically disqualifies it. I'd be SO okay with never seeing one of those awful things ever again. I have to resist the urge to light them on fire when I see them in the store. Blech. Tacky.

Small Cool 2010: Brynn's Color Light Teeny Tiny Division #18 | Apartment Therapy New York
4/20/10 10:03 PM


Kyneton House House Call | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/30/10 08:31 PM

Oh wow....so JEALOUS!

Views of the City from New York Apartments New York Social Diary | Apartment Therapy New York
1/29/10 07:36 PM