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If sticking fabric to the walls seems too risky (or possibly lumpy), try this: Buy long dowels at a home store, wrap and pin/staple yardage of bright fabrics around the dowel (or use fusible fabric tape) at the top (you can add one to the bottom to weight it too). You can stick a flat thumb tack into the end of the dowel and use taut fishing line to create a picture wire. If you leave near a Crate and Barrel Outlet, they have nice Marimekko fabric they use for store displays. Ikea also has in expensive fabrics in interesting designs. You could even do neutral fabrics. Make a bunch of these panels, hang them up, and you'll have transformed walls and some level of noise dampening. It will feel much warmer as well.

I totally agree with others about a huge rug. If there's nothing big that you like the look of, buy something large, neutral and cheap at a home store (or sisal as some have suggested) and then top this with smaller area rugs to define different zones in the room.

The other major thing you can do is nix the overhead lights and buy several small floor and table lamps--Ikea, Target, Home Goods, World Market are all possible sources. Lots of scattered lighting will warm the space up.

How Do I Decorate Greige/Yellow Graduate Housing? Good Questions
6/26/14 10:05 PM

At the moment, mine is functioning as my landing strip. I needed something I could tuck under my spiral staircase, which is right next to my doorway. There's no room for a table or shelf in my current configuration. I have a mail sorter, key dish, and "charging station" on the top shelf/basket; slide my purse into the second shelf; and use the bottom shelf as an out box, for things that I need to remember to take when I leave--dry cleaning, items that friends left at my place, etc.

How To Use the $50 IKEA RÅSKOG Cart in Every Room of the House
1/21/14 12:43 PM

This is truly hideous, but I unfortunately found the previous owner's dead cat in a crawl space in my new house. They had thought that the cat ran away. It was probably a sign, because the house ended up being a bit of a headache.

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6/28/12 07:38 PM

Instant espresso granules can be added if you don't have a home espresso maker.

Frozen Banana-Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Milkshakes
9/25/11 11:17 PM

I have had a bench with a basket that slides underneath and holds about a dozen pairs of shoes. In past homes, then bench fit right in the entryway. In my newest home, I just have the basket that slides under a staircase. There's a rug that creates a "foyer" and that's where the shoes come off. AT, please do a small home focused landing strip/entryway feature!

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9/12/11 10:09 PM

The smaller ones are probably the kids' chairs that have been on sale on some of the design sites lately.

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6/30/11 09:02 AM

Budget Living . . . Domino . . . Blueprint . . . House and Garden . . . Home . . . Cottage Living . . . Metropolitan Home . . . now ReadyMade . . . I think the pubishers are running out of shelter magazines to send me when the ones I subscribe to go belly up. Long live the Web!

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6/29/11 07:11 AM

There's a new Allegra Hicks line for West Elm that includes a jute rug that has the greys and a brownish-yellow. It's called the Printed Harlequin rug and the color is natural.

Rug Suggestions To Complement Living Room Furniture?
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6/23/11 09:10 AM

Are you handy? If so, you could consider the following: Buy the strut table. It can be a dining table when you need it and a desk at other times. I'm a huge fan of banquettes. If you're handy, you could build them to line two of the DR walls. You can even make them with storage for books and papers to tuck everything away when you're ready to dine. I think I saw an IKEA hack where someone did this with some bookshelves. Then you can make or have made some nice cushions for the benches. Fabric for this kind of project won't cost much, particularly if you search AT for modern upholstery fabric sources. You don't need to go all out on chairs if you make benches. Some thrift store finds painted uniformly could do the trick. The strut table could be a good partner desk, but if you need a second workspace, you could buy something that folds down from the wall.

What To Do With Small Dining Room?
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5/26/11 08:16 AM

If these options are too expensive, here's what I am planning to do with a couch I was given: I bought a King sized 4 inch memory foam topper at Overstock. I'm planning to use the old pillows to draw a paper template and then cut the topper with my Dad's electric knife he uses to carve the Thanksgiving turkey. We'll see how it goes.

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5/24/11 09:47 AM

I loved a picture I saw recently where someone put a flat screen on a lovely battered old (but sturdy) easel.

Eagerly waiting for the replies. I am also furnishing a 12x22 space. One wall has a fireplace, another a spiral staircase, and another french doors and windows. There is a single wall, but pushing furniture up against it makes it look like a middle school boy at a mixer avoiding the girls.

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5/20/11 07:58 AM

Dare I ask how much that sofa is? I looked at it online, and it is 10 feet long! It would be a commanding central piece for my living room, but I fear that it will cost more than my whole apartment!

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5/20/11 07:24 AM