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I have one of these for my youngest's little teeth (he's only two, so for now, he just tucks his "ephan" in with him for naps and bedtime)! It is so cute, I'd put it out in my living room. And the idea by you guys to maybe use the pillow as a funky ring pillow? Awesome. A couple could do that, and THEN give it to their first child. What a neat tooth pillow THAT would be.

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2/2/09 03:03 PM

Really, for the above hangover cures, the key is the WATER. A dear old friend, after a binge in college, put me to bed with the instructions "drink one glass of water for every glass of booze, whatever the booze". It has worked every time, and HOLY COW the few times I've had too much and forgotten.

Lastly, and this one'll make me look really bad, but if you realize you've had too much, BEFORE you go to bed, and you think it's REALLY too much, get rid of it. Really. Just make yourself yarf it up, and it won't sit on your stomach doing a number on you the rest of the night...but still DRINK WATER before passing out. Very important.

I'm not an alcoholic, swear!

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4/14/08 10:50 AM

OH! One last grandmother always talked about cleaning out the top drawer of their chest of drawers when my aunt was born, and lining it with blankets for baby to sleep in! Don't close the drawer, of course...

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: What Do We Really Need?
3/27/08 08:58 AM

OK. We just finished living in 2 upstairs rooms, at my parents house, where our FOURTH baby was born. We had about 550 square feet for SIX of us, and this is how we handled it.
* We did need a rocker, but NO changing table. I agree with one commentor that the bed, with a waterproof pad works great for the first few months. Do you have room for underbed storage? Keep clothing and diapers and etc. in a basket/tub/whatever, right at your feet under there?
* Those glider rockers are HUGE. Can you find a smaller one? If you have a BIG budget, try, if not, maybe something like this, from Ikea? I also did not need a "nursing stool", or ottoman.
* For sleeping, baby in bed is great if you're good with it. If you worry about rolling over on her, have you seen Or a moses basket, or the very slim Cariboo Bassinet,
* We also put a few shelves on the wall, to hold little buckets and baskets and baby books, by the rocker...real estate being valuable, we had to go up! I needed a place to put my water, burb pads, a magazine, watch, etc. No room for a side table. Also, if you really want a changing table, there are several that go on the wall, and fold up. Ikea also has a couple.
* If you are very tight on space, you could double the use of your carseat not get a bouncy seat until after you move...just put baby in the carseat.
* For the first few months, I never needed a stroller, I used a sling, or other carrier. Much less space taking.
* After 3 other babies, and never using my boppy, I got rid of it and never missed it with #4.
* Clothing was just little onesies and sleep sacs, and a few footie things for the first few months. That, and diapers, didn't take up much space.
* And lastly, it is great to get as little as you think you can live with, and THEN send out someone if once the baby comes you feel you have to have an XYZ, or whatever. Go light, then add. Our baby is now 1 and we still have the small 10 buck diaper pail, and not the big ol' Genie. It gets stinky only on the inside. Lysol does wonders.
Good luck!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: What Do We Really Need?
3/27/08 08:55 AM

No no no, it can't go to anyone but me. Seriously. I have 4 children who stay at home with me all day, as we homeschool. We are ALWAYS working on projects, making meals...there is glitter, flour, paper scraps, and more mess than you can imagine on the floor here, that the one year old LOVES TO PUT IN HIS MOUTH (he just showed me a small piece of bark dangling from his mouth, the dog dragged in). It is a sad, sad day when I try to explain to you HOW EXCITED I'D BE OVER A VACUUM CLEANER! But, I would be over the moon. Seriously, my current vacuum does NOT suck.

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3/7/08 05:59 AM

You KNOW we love it! Good luck...all the Tannerys

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