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Get a canvas shoe bag with multiple pockets (full door size) and hang it in the back of the door. You can easily store all kinds of stuff in it while looking relatively uncluttered due to the deep canvas pockets.

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3/1/11 03:41 PM

I think you can definitely do a true red. It looks like you have at least three zones that are well defined by your white trim. I would do the smallest area (perhaps it is your entryway - I can't tell) in a saturated true red. The next larger area, I would do in a saturated turquoise or chartreuse/yellow. Then I would paint the largest area museum white - adding furniture and accessories to this area that recall the red and turquoise or chartreuse from the other areas. Good luck!

The colors in this modern kids' room could be an inspiration starting point!

Colors to Balance Very Dark Hard Wood Floors?
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1/13/11 01:19 AM

I purchase a dark mahogany one from IKEA about 10 years ago or more. I'm not sure if they still carry them.

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1/28/10 06:19 PM