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I was surprised reading those posts that there was no reference to Ikea LED bulbs, but to my shock, in the USA, Ikea have yet to stock LED builds.

I've tried so many types of LED bulbs and I can honestly say that the Ikea range is second to none. After reading all about this philips bulb that's a replacement for a 60watt bulb but is 20dollars, it seemed like it was VERY expensive.
Here in Ireland, Ikea sell all types of LED Bulbs - 4.3watt to me is as very close 60watt and they have a 8.1watt, which is more like a 75-80watt bulb, but the best part is the cost. The 4.3watt LED (which comes in all shapes and sizes as well as clear / opaque) is only 7.11cent (so less than 9dollars and 50 cent!)

Here's the link to the Irish Ikea Site and the search result for their LED Bulbs -
I have replaced all the lighting in my 2 bed apartment with LED lighting and my energy bills have more than halved. (I mean all bulbs, Ceiling Spot lights, Bedside lights, floor lights, Ceiling Pendant lights). The initial outlay has already seen benefit and well, I should see me making my money back in reduced bills by the end of the year.

(on an off point, for accent lighting, the Ikea LED Strips - either these colour changing ones: or these solid white ones: are amazing. I have them mounted eveywhere. Under my sofa for that "cinema" feel and under my bed so I can get up at night without blinding myself, but the best spot was in my bathroom, where the solid white ones use 1.8watts and gives off more than enough light to use the bathroom at night / even shower by. Here's a link to a photo of it in place in my bathroom -

It was done in my bathroom as part of its renovation -

I wonder when you guys state side will get the Ikea bulbs!

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4/24/12 10:10 AM

why have they not suggested DoubleTwist?, free AND awesome!

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