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i don't know they are still expensive and huge

Learning Tower Add-Ons | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/12/10 11:48 AM

Yes, we did something like this with a coffee table - added wheels to make it taller for our tall child. Also you can just add some molding where appropriate for the lines of the existing table - for example ours taped at the edges so it needed to be before the taper.

Or you can paint the 'top' scene or background color independently on a board cut to size and then secure it with molding all around and leave a lip.

Those square clear vessla storage crates that stack with wheels are nice to store stuff under the table.

I would think about the height and room for growing and also if you want it to be tall enough to play with using a chair or stool or if it is just a standing or kneeling train table.

Converting a Coffee Table Into a Train Table Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/4/10 01:53 PM

haha thanks Casie! oh and the link above is broken but it should be

I probably should have mentioned when I submitted the party that we had over 30 adults at the party and tons of food and drinks for them to enjoy themselves as well. First birthdays are quite a big deal in our family apparently ;)

My Party: Ava Orlando, FL | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/11/10 02:11 PM

You can get plexiglass cut at any glass store, just give them the dimensions should be pretty cheap, maybe under $25 for all pieces. We had some cut for the oven door to my daughter's kitchen and we just asked them to dull the edges a bit. Also with the right bit on your drill and applying the right pressure plexi glass is like butter to drill through so you could also drill the pieces down to hold the fabric down better.

A Deceptively Simple Transformation of the Ikea Latt Set | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/11/10 08:33 AM

oh this is a fun question!
1. A place to put toys that you don't want pulled out without your permission but that they can still see and ask for (small 200 piece block sets or puzzles for example)
2. Clear bins for toys or photos of the toy on the outside of your bin so they can help clean up really easily. their toys should be in categories, for example 1. puzzle box 2. mega-blocks and accessories 3. trains 4. puppets, so on.
3. place for books that they can reach.
4. table and chair (ikea's are great)
5. Make a special place for the favorite toys to be played with. For example if your kid loves art then make an art corner, if his thing is trains make room for a train table, if it is blocks and trucks on the floor, get him a rug with a road scene. You don't need all of these areas just your child's favorite at the time, in my opinion most toddler toys should be stowed away but in a place they can be easily seen and accessed or asked for. If not the room is going to get so messy that they will not want to play in it.
6. stuffed animal storage - ughh stuffed animals everywhere!
7. A comfy place, We have this awesome play tent with a huge cushion in it from land of nod that is the my daughters favorite place in the whole house.

Necessities for a Toddler Bedroom Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/10/10 04:57 PM

Meee too we clean for guests almost exclusively ;)

Host a Play DateGood Idea | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/10/10 12:33 PM

I agree - I remember that as a kid and now thinking back on memories that my very favorite birthday parties were at home, everyone just seemed more relaxed I think and more people could come. I don't know maybe I would feel differently if I had $1,500 to spend on something like a child's birthday, but to me now it seems a little obscene. The ideas are cute though and I think that is really the point - just to get some inspiration.

Zachary's Out-of-This-World Birthday Party | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/4/10 03:21 PM

My fav. part is the total disaster all around it - that is so me - make something totally gorgeous and get done and realize the house is a complete disaster! Judging by what looks like icing between each layer it looks like the layers were dyed and baked separately.

Another Rainbow Cake | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/3/10 11:43 AM

We have a creamy linen looking couch (sure it is a poly blend) and I just use fullers pre-laundry spray with a wet cloth for almost everything and we have a carpet cleaner with a brush for big problems. I clean it about twice a year with the carpet cleaner and then after I spray it with scotch-guard. Seriously we bought the sofa because it fit our decor, was super well made, and the fabric even though light colored was easy to clean - no regrets - still loving it after 4 years.

I think my biggest recommendation would be to give the kids their own chair that they can have a snack in. We have a pbk anywhere chair and a little rocker in the living room.

Washable Durable Sofa for Families Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/2/10 11:22 AM

My 17 month old can do these things but I would say that the other kids in her dayschool class are sort of all over the map. Ya know I always think back to a friend who said her son didn't say a word at three and he was tested for everything and then one day it just all clicked for him and he is now 18 and in advanced classes. Another co-worker has a son who is a lawyer who didn't walk or say one word till 2.5.

SENSORY BOX - we take a big under bed plastic storage box and use it as a sensory box in the kitchen. Lots of possibilities - Bubble Bath and water to make a box full of bubbles; water and sponges; dry beans, rice, or pasta; ice and shaving cream; so on. You can find lots of ideas online. Need to provide lots of little bowls, shovels, tubes, and funnels, plastic cars, balls, boats, etc. to play with in the tub.

5 Activities for a Young Toddler | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
1/29/10 08:59 PM

OK my living room is so similar to this, same entry same huge space opening going to the dining area. Yes basically flatscreen over the mantle and a cabinet next to the fireplace. All of our furniture has clean lines and have wood legs. You have to decide i think between two small chairs or a big comfy one - ours is oversized leather, still sleek but you just sink in it. Also we have a long three seat sofa. We have hard wood and our rectangular rug is place horizontally to offset the length of the room. I would think about bench / ottoman things that can be pushed to the side like on casters so that you have a place to put your feet up set drinks on, extra seating. We have a bedroom bench, we recovered, cut down, added casters too and use for all these things. pushing it out of the way is important.
hope this helps!

How to Arrange Our New Living Room? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/27/10 08:55 PM