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I'm in Australia too, and for fear of the landlord raising the rent, I put up with cracks in the walls, doors that are about to fall off their hinges, carpet flooring in the bathroom, 50s carpeting every where else in the house except in the kitchen where there is hideous vinyl flooring, no exhaust fan in the bathroom, a stove from the 50's with mismatched knobs that fall off, the tackiest wood paneling on the walls and windows that either don't open or don't stay open.

My father questions whether the house is even legally fit to be rented out. That being said, I also have a very handy father in law who pops around randomly to fix minor things around the house. It is a lot of work to keep the house looking decent, lots of elbow grease, I clean the walls twice a year and when I do my friends always think we've painted the walls. I steam clean the carpets about 3 times a year and use rugs as best I can to hide the ugliness. I've learnt to work with the good things that this house offers, such as a large window in the living room & high ceilings.

You get what you pay for and my rent is dirt cheap. I just have to work a little bit harder to make my rented house, a home. Funnily enough, even though we (me, my husband and 2 daughters) live in the smallest, oldest, most run down house out of all our friends (who have bought or are renting much nicer houses) everyone still chooses to gather and hang out at our place the most. Maybe my "killer canapes" (as my friends call them) mixed with good company, cancels out all the other stuff.

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Good Questions

2/15/12 03:38 AM

I keep my spices in uniform spice jars from Ikea. I try to keep no more than 8 spices in my kitchen at a time so I know I will use them up and because I have such limited space in my kitchen. It does make for interesting cooking as I challenge myself to come up with new dishes with what I already have. That being said, I have a jar of ground cloves which is so hard to use up!

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1/13/12 09:26 AM

love love love! all that white is beautiful, I just wish there was some way that young children and white-ness could co-exist

Lindsay's Modern Bohemian in Silver Lake
House Tour

11/22/11 01:39 AM

no coffee table for us, just 2 young kids, an ottoman and 2 ikea lack side tables which get pushed around as needed

Breaking the Rules: Forgoing The Coffee Table
7/26/11 09:07 AM

I'm with those that have kids, so nothing fancy on my coffee table. My kids would clear it off in one sweep to play barbies or draw.

What's On Your Coffee Table?
7/12/11 07:01 PM

so in love with this space!!

Danielle's Small Modern Cottage
House Tour

6/23/11 05:43 PM

I like my exposed closets as i can plan an outfit while still in bed and for the fact that i do purge and organise my clothes a lot. I also shop more mindfully. I do however tuck away my mismatched pyjamas and my fuzzy neon socks. My room doesnt get that much sun which is a good and bad thing and i make sure to pack away out of season clothes so they dont discolour from the sun.

Open Book: Exposed Closets
6/8/11 10:07 PM

thanks for the inspiration, i've been unhappy with the layout of my living room since we moved in 2 years ago... hopefully i'll be able to figure out a comfy layout soon, because we're seriously considering moving. if you don't love your living room its hard to love your house.

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6/8/11 10:02 PM

2 weeks! i've been living in my house and im still working on 'settling in'

Heidi & David's Surreal Square Footage
4/20/11 03:09 AM

um woaw.. like... how... where.. *sigh* love!

Sandy's Southern Exposure
4/20/11 02:59 AM

any where with a ghost chair gets my vote

Tamar's Sunny Studio
4/15/11 07:22 PM

can't find words to describe how much i love this space!

Liz's Light Off Lake Michigan
4/15/11 07:19 PM

would love to do this but oddly placed and lack of power points throughout the house means the furniture gets placed around where the electronics go.

5 Reasons You Should Rearrange Your Furniture Seasonally
4/13/11 06:31 AM

i love it as it is, can you imagine how gorgeous it would be if it got great light!

Lindsay's Cozy Compromise
4/13/11 06:21 AM

another fan of the trunk & the eat pie poster.

Flora's "Gentleman's Residence"
4/13/11 06:16 AM

walls smothered in art.. surfaces sprinkled with trinkets.. exposed clothes..cosy kitchen.. colour & vibrancy.. love!!

Lasse's Multipurpose Room
4/13/11 06:09 AM

love the colour scheme!

Jenna's Cookie Cutter with Charm
4/13/11 06:05 AM

lovely home, lovely view!

Gorica's Serbian Studio
4/13/11 05:58 AM

ngaw, love how cosy it looks.

Carolyn's Vintage Touches
4/6/11 06:51 AM

hrm... so if 5 out of 7 apply to me.. could i have been 'living bohemian' and not even have been aware of it?

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3/16/11 05:11 AM