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Trixie Tracker (web app) will track medications and my wife is using Total Baby iPhone app to track EVERYTHING w/ our Baby2.

Tracking Medications
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1/11/11 11:37 PM

Having done my share of Ikea Hacking, I would suggest 1/8" plywood or mdf board, screwed or nailed to the back of it. You can paint it, cover in fabric, wallpaper, stickers, etc. Depending on the size of your shelf you may be better off w/ two sections of it.

IkeaFans has a post about this!! :

There are two great sources for Ikea Hacks:
IkeaFans -
IkeaHacker -

Here is one of our Ikea Hacks for a King sized Malm bed. I'm working on some minor mods for a Twin Malm for our toddler too.

How To Close the Back of an Expedit
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9/30/10 12:44 AM

We used the Lullabub crib rockers under our crib and it raised it up about 5 inches. The height was nice since we didn't have to bend over very far to put our son down in the crib.

Crib for Tall Parents
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9/29/10 01:27 AM

We loved's a great app and the developer is very responsive. We add data from a laptop we kept in the nursery and from our phones.

Food and Activity Baby Journal?
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9/27/10 02:09 PM

Our wedding colors were grey and orange and my skydiving parachute was orange and grey. So we're sticking with it and painting our 2 yr old's room light grey, white malm, and are planning for orange accents.

Bedding in a New Color for My Son's Room
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9/3/10 06:01 PM

i agree w/ others, this would be a good twin bed design.

*New* Ikea Gulliver Bed
8/27/10 01:38 AM

do you have a large non-US visitor percentage? Smallable looks to ship primarily to France/Europe -- i bet a 'call to see about other shipping' options to the US for these things would be crazy expensive.

Mitik Cardboard Creations
8/11/10 01:35 PM

And if there are things that both of you hate, seriously consider hiring someone to do it. It may be worth cutting things from your expenses in other areas to take out the frustration and friction.

I recently read Equally Shared Parenting and while it's focused on 'parenting' it's really about LIFE, so many approaches could be applied to life w/o kids.

Division of Labor: Sharing Housework
8/6/10 01:39 PM

Another IMPORTANT tip -- DVDs and CDs are NOT permanent storage! they degrade and will eventually not be readable. They are good as a back up to a back up -- but not for your only storage!

Safe, Long-Term Storage for Family Photos?
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8/3/10 04:48 PM

One of the best deals is the Flickr Pro account which offers unlimited upload and storage of full res images -- that's what we use as our online back up Photos! for in home backups, we have a Windows Home Server (the HP model) - which stores the images across two hard drives (to protect against one of them crashing). As we need more space, I add an add'l hard drive inside the box -- it's actually pretty easy! And it backups up our PCs too!

Safe, Long-Term Storage for Family Photos?
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8/3/10 04:48 PM

Just traveled w/ our $30 Babies R Us stroller and it was great. I just couldn't see what the $100 lightweight strollers got me. Lightweight, easy to carry, great. Yes it could have used bigger wheels for some of the rough European sidewalks, but the expensive ones also had smaller wheels.

Five Umbrella Strollers For Lightweight Travel | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/9/10 03:52 PM

For those that have chalkboard 'walls' or displays. How much chalk dust is generated? The real board has a tray that catches lots of dust -- how much gets on your carpet/floor w/ the painted walls?

I'm considering it for our son's room, but don't want chalky mess to clean up all the time.

Blackboard "Painting" in a Family Home | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/9/10 03:11 PM

I think this is better marketed to College kids. We used to write phone numbers and addrs on the addresses of visiting friends at college. Then after partying late at night they could get someone to point them in the direction of getting back to our place.

Safety Tat | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/7/10 05:45 PM

I was hoping this was really for an iPad because I need to get a case for our iPad to protect from our toddler.

For iPhones, the Zagg invisibleSHIELD is a fantastic protection sticky type thing for the screen. This material is/was used to protect helicopter rotor blades!

Toddler-Proof iPad Case Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
5/19/10 11:36 PM

We have a gate at the top and a gate at the bottom. After our son was about 8 mths old (and before he was crawling) he was too big to fall through the risers. His head wouldn't fit through.

As soon as he started crawling we taught him how to crawl up/down the stairs. We felt better with him learning the skill instead of trying to keep him away.

Now a big bonus w/ open riser stairs is you can hang a swing from them!!

Childproofing Open Riser StairsGood Question | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
4/23/10 11:41 AM

I built a Network board to mount my devices too and mounted it under my desk.

Turning Cord Chaos Into Cord Control | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
4/20/10 02:32 PM

the DIY approach is to sew the sheets together yourself. Having the entire side sewn would drive me nuts. I used to love waterbed sheets - sewn at the bottom.

When I had a loft bed in college i just didn't use a top sheet at all - just a bottom sheet and duvet cover. Now washing and putting the duvet cover back on is a pain too.

Ideas for DIY Bunk Bed Sheets Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
4/2/10 02:24 PM

This is a horrible and risky approach to saving digital images. CDs and DVDs are not permanent storage media. They degrade over time and have a higher rate of failure than one would expect.

External harddrive storage is great, but keep in mind that if you MOVE files to a harddrive there is only one copy. You risk a drive crash. Best approach is to keep a backup -- if this means buying two hard drives, then do it.

I use FlickrPRO (~$24/YEAR) to store all of my full res images - set them to Private if you don't want to share them. This gives me an online backup of all images. I also keep a copy on an external drive.

Organizing Photos | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
1/27/10 05:19 PM