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Erika’s Colorful Yet Simply Stated Bedroom
11/19/10 11:19 AM

love this place! so fun and colourful and quirky! very inspiring :)

Chelsea & Sean's Eclectic Painted Home
House Tour

11/5/10 11:52 AM

love this!

Patricia's Pied à Terre
House Call

11/5/10 11:29 AM

amaazing! such great taste!

can you source some of the items?? thanks :)

Meg's Eclectic & Affordable Apartment
House Call

8/24/10 12:57 PM


Bella Makes the Move to Brooklyn
House Tour

8/18/10 02:33 PM

ps: also want to know source for round rugs!

Reena & Priscilla's Loft-Like Ohio Home
House Call

8/5/10 10:39 AM

amazing!! want to see entire a tour!! :)

Reena & Priscilla's Loft-Like Ohio Home
House Call

8/5/10 10:38 AM

where did you get your bedding??

just lovely! :)

Martha's Laurel Park Bungalow
House Call

8/4/10 11:36 AM

the over the top negative comments are seriously making me laugh. get over yourselves....not every single home that is to be considered interesting enough to post on this website has to look identically sleek and modern.

rock on....unique and fun home!

Nick, Mikale and Colin's Magical Forest
House Tour

7/31/10 04:54 PM

this house is amazing!!

Joa's Quirky Cool Maisonette
House Tour

7/28/10 02:39 PM

lots of beautiful elements in this home. lovely!

Melissa and Stephen's Preserved Spanish Revival Green Tour | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
6/24/10 08:48 PM

really comfy and homely but still house tour!

Brian's Nest in the Clouds House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
6/17/10 10:38 AM

so lovely and love to hang out in a place like this :)

Steven & Meredith's Modern Mix House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/16/10 11:53 AM

love love love and I really want to go to Tokyo!

Hiroyuki's Home of Many Doors House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
6/16/10 11:49 AM

I need a blue chandelier.....!

Villa Mabrouka, The House of Luck | Apartment Therapy New York
6/7/10 03:01 PM

your space looks so elegant and cozy....perfect! :)

Matt's Balcony With a View My Great Outdoors | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/7/10 02:59 PM

Deborah Needleman!!!!
Maybe then I would actually read Architectural Digest.....

New Editor for Architectural Digest | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/7/10 02:23 PM

so unique and creative and amazing!

Alligator House in New Orleans by Buildingstudio ArchDaily | Apartment Therapy New York
6/3/10 08:27 PM


Hannah & Mike's Secondhand Success House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/3/10 04:56 PM

i think its perfect and has lots of personality!

Jeff & Delia's Gourmet Garage House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
5/3/10 04:53 PM