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I live in Brazil and we have a hard summer - hot, hot and hot. Even here in São Paulo things can get pretty hard on some days. We don't have AC here in my place - in fact, most houses do not have AC. It leaves the air very dry and hard to breathe ... What we do here in our house is to use a water cooling fan with cold water inside. It helps a lot.

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5/18/10 12:52 PM

Please, cleaning freaks, be my friends!

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5/6/10 11:29 AM

It's so good to live green... I love this tough work!

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3/7/10 06:54 PM

I want some snow! It's the hottest summer since ever here in Brazil. Send us -15ºC, please. We're melting here!

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2/10/10 11:01 AM

There's a rule that I really like: don't eat what your grandmother wouldn't recognize as a food. I dont feel confortable eating food that needs explanations about how it was made.

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1/27/10 07:10 AM