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Have you read up on the health issues w/ phthalates? Febreeze and carpet powders are loaded with them. Maybe try Bac-Out from Biokleen? It is a natural stain and oder treatment. They also have a carpet cleaner you could use with a rented steam cleaner. http://biokleenhome.com/products/household/general

If you've got mold, though, that requires special removal or it will grow back.

Advice for Humidifier Causing Funky Carpet Smells?
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1/25/11 01:45 PM

Don't hate me, but Baby Einstein and Classical Baby DVDs were a huge help when I needed 20 min. I limited the time my son watched TV to maybe 1x / day, but he really liked them. One Baby Einstein DVD really did teach him shapes. He also loves kneebouncers.com where there are some hit-any-key games for babies to play. I also created a rice bin in an under the bed storage container. We put it on a sheet and he plays in it like a sandbox. I think at 10 mos, his fave activity though was stacking. Haba Sticky Blocks are perfect for that age.

Ideas for Entertaining a Ten-Month-Old
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1/20/11 10:23 AM

These under-the-bed rattan storage baskets have saved me from the brink of insanity. We keep two under our coffee table, and because they come w/ casters it is a breeze to wheel them in and out.


When Your Living Room is Your Play Room
11/23/10 10:57 AM

We use Mozy.com. For $5 / month, the application automatically backs up all new files within whatever folders you designate. It is stored on their servers, so I never worry. I love the automation. I don' t even have to think about it!

Safe, Long-Term Storage for Family Photos?
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8/3/10 03:21 PM