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Isobel here!
Very warm thanks for all your suggestions and comments! As I said before, I feel very, very lucky in my room assignment. Most rooms in the dorm (even the RA's rooms) are not nearly as nice as mine, and I'm very aware of how good I've got it, with a separate bedroom and fireplace and all :) Which is why I'm taking the opportunity to make it as welcoming a place as possible.

As requested, the study/living room is about 16*10.5 feet and a floorplan (roughly to scale) can be found here:

I positioned the "kitchenette" where it is to avoid the radiator, and the bookcase to take advantage of that random shelf. The computer desk and two wooden chairs are standard issue and have to stay. No TV, and no plans for one.

Thanks for the many ideas for how to rearrange the existing furniture. That's really exactly the sort of advice that I didn't realize I needed, but it'll be freeing to not necessarily use the walls as anchors.

Furniture Layout Advice for Dorm Room? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/25/10 11:14 PM