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Congratulations to Eddie and Elle Decor, the room was certainly polished and very in the Elle style.
One always feels compelled to feel good for the winner but truth be told for me it is like this winning room, the proper thing to do. I am always attracted to the artist that breaks the acceptable mode. Maxwell did just that he stretched the notion of what the well done room should be. Whether we like everything about a room is not the point, interior design is not just a service it is an art. The visionary rarely wins the prize but more importantly they introduce new ways of seeing.
Keep it up Maxwell,

The Winner: The Modern Woman by Eddie Ross! Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge | Apartment Therapy New York
1/29/10 02:54 PM

I am an interior designer that appreciates the work of other designers who show a personal connection to the work they do for clients, for themselves or in a competition. Maxwell clearly is that sort of designer, the room he created in Bloomingdales window is not about decorating in the commercial sense. To me the other windows look like they are advertising items for sale, overly styled and devoid of feeling. I may sound condescending or bitter, but too many decorators tend to do rooms that seem to be done to impress a certain class or click.
Some of you have commented that Maxwell's room looks like a stage set or that of a pack rat. To me it tells a story, he's created an imaginary person who is artistic, slightly eccentric maybe, but not at all a victim of convention. There are many items in the room yes, but each is chosen for it's quality and adds to what I think is beautiful about the room. Your given a view inside the person who has invited you to visit them. That person would probably not hire me, I do not have the connection to that kind of drama or decorative art, but I am fascinated when it is done well.
So I say Bravo! I hope these comments will encourage more votes for my winner.
FR Gillette

The Writer's Romantic Supper by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan for Apartment Therapy Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge 2010, Room #2 | Apartment Therapy New York
1/25/10 04:50 PM