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Essential Pepin. Not only does it have hundreds of recipes, but the thing comes with a DVD where Pepin shows you technique, literally starting with how to tie on an apron, and going into a ton of other stuff, knife skills, stock making, breaking down poultry, etc.

What's the Best General, Comprehensive Cookbook to Buy? Good Questions
3/10/14 10:42 PM

What, no love for Gew├╝rztraminer or Reisling here? C'mon people...

5 Types of Wine to Bring to a Party When You Have No Idea What's for Dinner
2/7/14 01:11 AM

*store-bought*, that is...

Is Lard Truly the Comeback Fat?
1/31/14 11:00 PM

I remember mom used to actually render lard from butcher's trimming. She used to make crackling potica with the cracklings (delicious).

Our co-op (Crow Wing Co-op) is now selling lard melted out of local hogs (Fox Farm) and I'm having a lot of fun with it. It has a slight piggy-ness missing from the regular stare- bought stuff, and it was great in a pie crust I made the other weekend and in some dinner rolls I baked last night. I've also found a chunk added to deep-frying oils really adds a lot of nice flavors.

Is Lard Truly the Comeback Fat?
1/31/14 11:00 PM

Check this out- now that's dedication to lunch bag art:

This Tumblr is Completely Dedicated to Cat Drawings on Sandwich Wrappers
12/7/13 12:10 AM

Tonkatsu or Japanese Curry. Or maybe Tonkatsu *and* Japanese Curry.

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of December 7-8, 2013
12/7/13 12:08 AM

Rye whiskey.

What Is Your Ideal Thanksgiving Day Breakfast? Good Questions
11/21/13 12:30 AM

A nice pork shoulder is pretty damn special in my book, and it will go just fine with every single other traditional non-turkey Tday item. Except the vegans. But there's always room for a nice field roast in the oven...

How Can I Make Thanksgiving Special When My Family Hates Turkey? Good Questions
11/11/13 03:36 PM

I try and avoid meat on weekdays- I understand that's the way most American lived 100 years ago too. It's cheaper, and since I work nights, a big batch of soup gets me through the week, leaving my one complete day off (saturday) the day I can splurge a little and get creative. I guess considering the extent capitalism is tolerated in this country, more and more Americans are going to have to learn to live lower on the hog too.

On Letting Meat Play a Supporting Role
11/11/13 02:05 PM

Our family was never that large, so we just had capon. Not being supermassive like a turkey, it never had to be overdone to make everything safe to eat, but it was still enough so everybody had a once portion.

So You Don't Like Turkey? Consider These Still-Festive, Still-Meaty Alternatives
11/10/13 12:08 AM

Slingshot ammunition. Especially if you freeze them first!

Please Help! What Can I Do With All My Leftover Candy Corn? Good Questions
11/9/13 01:28 AM

When I saw the above, this is the very first thing that popped into my head:

Also, yeah, it's good you took the bark off, since that's where the bugs mostly hang out. You would have been better off oiling it than varnishing it, esp if it's unseasoned. They're going to start splitting once it's good and dry come winter.

Before & After: Don't Get Stumped by This DIY
11/6/13 02:25 PM

our co-op has a painting party tomorrow morning, and we have been asked to bring stuff as there will be a potluck as well. I have a farro salad mellowing out in the fridge, and a couple of epi loaves popping and crackling on the cooling rack as i type this.

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of September 21-22, 2013
9/21/13 02:50 AM

I am considering doing more Japanese curry rice, this time with chickpeas as the big protein in the curry itself and topping it with Tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet).

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of September 14-15, 2013
9/13/13 05:15 PM

I don't have the freezer space for this sort of thing, so I prefer the stuff in the tubes. Sure, the stuff in the tins is cheaper, but not after you factor in the waste. I might just try topping unused tinned paste with oil, though.

If you can't find the tube stuff, BTW, consider a Google search- I was so surprised by the variety available (I've only seen the Amore brand in my local shops). Tomato paste is such a concentrated product that buying it that way actually makes a lot of sense.

The Best Way to Save Tomato Paste
(And Use It Later) Tips from The Kitchn

9/13/13 05:08 PM

I did something like this when I made congee, which is just rice cooked with a 4/1 rice/water ratio instead of a 2/1 ratio. You bring the whole thing to a boil, and when it breaks you set it to low, then go kill time for an hour, visiting it sometimes to give it a stir, adding more water if necessary. A half hour into it, I just add a chicken breast and it's poached perfectly, flavoring the mixture besides.

How To Poach Chicken Breasts Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
9/9/13 09:39 PM

Yes yes, all the way up to comment #1- a food mill is very good for that very thing.

The 3 Best Ways to Peel a Tomato Tips from The Kitchn
8/23/13 05:09 PM

i put carrots quartered the long way (halved if they are small) in a wide pan in a single layer with a pat of butter and just enough liquid so they are just covered. I bring it to a hard boil, then turn the heat down to medium low and add a pinch of salt and nutmeg. In 10 minutes most of the liquid should be gone and the carrots should be fork tender. If they are not tender, let them go a little longer, if the pan is going dry add more liquid. You get cooked carrots and a bit of sauce to go with them in the same pan. If you want to go savory, use stock and water, pulverize a clove of garlic with the salt before you add it- maybe tossing your carrots with finely chopped parsley or carrot greens to finish. If you want to go sweet, use water and a sweetener, and finish the carrots with citrus zest.

What is the Best Way to Cook Carrots on the Stovetop? Good Questions
8/23/13 02:48 AM

I real life you can't have too many books, but I imagine in the Apartment Therapy/Kitchn-verse they are only decorative accents anyway. It's like that line in Naked Jungle- when a visitor is admiring the Charlton Heston's library, his character says, "Eight hundred pounds of books is what I ordered."

12 Things You Probably Own Too Many Of
7/26/13 03:42 PM

If they were to do something like actually publish the recipe it wouldn't be the Kitchn anymore, now would it? If you're the right kind of person, you'll already know anyway, if you know what I mean. In the meantime, read up on pie boxes, polenta boards, hipster kitchens, and all the other cute (expensive) junk they flog.

On Cooking French Clafoutis: The Original
7/10/13 02:14 PM