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Let's write this down.
Apt. in L.A. to a house in East LA.
East LA to a share apt in South Bay.
South Bay to rental house in Beach area.
Beach to apt. in Japan.
Japan to house in Japan.
Japan to Oregon.
This is after high school in 1987 to married-two kids 2013. Not bad 6 times in 26 years.

AT Survey: How Often Do You Move?
10/4/13 11:37 AM

I moved 3 times with the help of a Japanese moving company. Twice, moving from the US to Japan and back again and once within Japan. They packed up everything very carefully, wrapped the walls, took off their shoes, this was the international move (company paid for it - maybe $9,000-$12,000, they also handled the paperwork, customs, storage, ocean shipping, etc). Nothing broke or was damage.
When we moved to a bigger house within Japan we packed our stuff with the boxes the moving company gave us. Again wrapped the walls, no shoes. The movers picked up boxes and packed the moving truck, we didn't have to pack the clothes that were in the drawers because they just picked it up with straps and moved it, as is. Very strong men. They also wrapped the furniture while in the truck. All moves was finished in one day. Love this service, wish we can use it every time we move.

Packing + Moving In Japan: Yes, Please Design Taxi
3/5/13 12:27 PM