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u have two is chor bazaar in south mumbai ( the original/bigger one) and the other one is oshiwara chor bazaar also good if u have no time to go to town and are living in the suburbs..this one was started when some of the shopkeepers were displaced during the '93 riots.

Chor Bazaar: Found on Mutton Street (Between S V Patel & Moulana Shaukat Ali Roads.Take a taxi or bus to Maulana Shaukat Ali Road and walk down Mutton Street. The nearest station is Sandhurst Road (Central Railway).

Art Centre: Shop No 13/13A. Old boxes, carved pillars & screens, old & new furniture.

Fine Art: Shop No 23. Specialises in camphor chests.
Taherally's: Shop No 28. Hundi (glass lamps), Tanjore paintings, antique furniture.
Mini Market: Shop No 31/33. Tiny objects from buttons and cufflinks to figurines.

A A Memon: Shop No 36. Deals in Chinese & Dutch crockery and glassware.

Baltiwala & Co: Shop No 38A. Old bottles and beads.
House of Art: Shop No 56. Crockery and glassware.

Kasam Jamal: Shop No 60. Children's toys, books, picture postcards.

Art Gallery: Shop No 66. Ivory objects, temple carvings, Goan candlesticks.

Ebrahim Abdul Gani: Shop No 68. Huge selection of inexpensive teak and rosewood furniture.
Dadabhai: Shop No 70. Old birdcages, lamps and ceiling fans.

Gallery d'Art: Shop No 75/77. Objets d'Art, watches, teak and rosewood furniture, old petit point and ghara sari borders.

ARD Mansuri: Shop No 83. Temple and Church carvings.
Newly Decorators: Shop No 91. Teak and rosewood furniture.

M Yasin Shah: Shop No 93A. Brass measures and bric-a-brac.

Omerson: Shop No 99A. Lamps, stoneware, musical instruments and objets d'art.

Mughul Bazaar: Shop No 99. Sell ship equipment, glass clocks and watches.

Sayed & Co: Shop No 104. New and old porcelain, glassware and furniture.

The Lamp Shop: Shop No 125. Huge variety of lamps, lights and candlesticks.

Jubilee Decorators: Shop No 127/129. Marble and porcelain objets d'art and furniture.

Abdulgani Ibrahim: Shop No 133. Deal in clocks and gramophones.

there are shops also selling old Lp's and players... one of the shops sells only glass ware (beautiful)
adjoining lanes has dava( medicine) galli... where u can find hospital bell jars, test tubes, clay models of heart, brain etc...muahahahah.

these are the established and around there are even more decrepit shops...some sellers on the road..which give better deals...enjoyyyy

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1/27/10 03:40 AM

thanks.... i keep doing the rounds of chor bazaar in mumbai... but i have been banned from bringing any more stuff home! so basically i just go, look and come back. frankly i think the shopkeepers are pakao-ed of me :) i havent been very successful in gleaning any inside info from them. The video on the athangudi tiles was lovely. But i doubt they are any masons in bombay that know how to lay those tiles....

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1/26/10 04:57 AM

haha, in that case extra points in my book for such old worldy charm in a city flat...A-1 i say! please tell me how you got the church went to the site and asked for it and they gave it to you??

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1/25/10 07:55 AM

Hey karthik...I'm so glad to see a house tour from india.
Your house is exactly like my ancestral house in Dharwad, Karnataka. The entrance to the house has a lounge area with Blue antique windows very similiar to your place.
Unfortunately we had to sell the place :( and i'm left with many of its anitque pieces that i'm trying to squash into my tiny Bombay flat ( i cant let them go!)....Neha.

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1/24/10 09:27 AM