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we had the same issue in our dark apartment...we hid the grow light (very similar to yours) by hanging it in a window in front of a shade and then hiding it with a fabric valance to match the room. From the outside you see the shade pulled just low enough to hide the light and from the inside you see the valance and the plants on a shelf we have at window sill height

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10/22/08 11:44 AM

I am desperate for this!

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I've never posted here before, but this prompted me to weigh in...my husband and I bought a Tempurpedic about 2 years ago. We cannot say enough good things about it! We have very different schedules; he works nights and I work a standard 9-6 day. So one of us was always waking the other getting in/out of bed. This bed absolutely saved us! It's amazing. No back problems, better sleep, no waking each other up getting in and out of bed. Awesome.

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3/18/08 06:32 AM

love love love

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